18 Best Email Subject Lines For Networking Email Success

If you are looking for email subject lines for networking email, you have landed in the right place! 

Whether you’re a sales rep seeking new opportunities or an aspiring entrepreneur building connections, email subject lines for networking emails matter. They’re the first impression you make. 

In this blog, you will learn:

  • How to craft subject lines specifically tailored for networking emails. 
  • strategies, and practical examples to stand out in a crowded email inbox situation. 

So, let’s start with the most basic question.

Why should you care about the subject lines for a networking email?

Here’s why you should be careful when writing email subject lines for networking email next time.

1. Capturing attention in a crowded inbox

Professionals receive countless emails everyday from work, ads, promotions etc. So your subject line for networking emails should be able to stand out in their inbox.

Also, It’s the first thing recipients notice, and it can absolutely make or break their decision to open your email. In fact, according to studies,  47% of recipients open emails based on the subject line alone. 

So, invest some time in crafting a compelling opener next time.

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2. Building trust and relevance

An email subject line sets the right expectation. Use it to convey relevance and build trust with the recipient.

A well-crafted subject line doesn’t get lost easily among the hundreds of spam, ads and other types of emails, keeping your email open rate on the higher side. 

Also, using personalized subject lines can increase open rates by 26%. So, it’s always worth it adding some extra layer personalization to your next networking email.

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3. Avoiding the SPAM filter

Spam filters acts like gatekeepers. Using certain words or certain sets of words in subject lines can trigger them, leading your email to the spam folder and killing your email deliverability

So, it becomes necessary to use the right subject line for networking emails.

Here’s a list of the most common spam triggering words you should avoid in your next email 👇

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Overall, your email subject lines for networking email is your direct gateaway to the recipient’s inbox. Only when you land in their inbox, they read your message and take action. So, make your success in networking largely depends on the email subject line you choose to send. 

18 Email subject lines for networking emails that work 

Now, let’s check out some practical and effective subject lines that cut through the noise and get results. 

Whether you’re reaching out to a potential mentor, following up after an event, or seeking collaboration, these networking email subject lines will cover you like charm.

Introductory email subject lines for networking email

Your introductory subject lines can make a memorable first impression. Beyond merely sharing your name, your intro email sets the stage for future interactions and offers a glimpse into who you are. 

Check out the subject lines below that intrigues and invites further conversation.

#1  “Hi, {Name}, I’d Like to Introduce Myself”

By adding the recipient’s name directly to the subject line for networking email, you can easily initiate a friendly conversation with someone you have never met before.

#2  “I’d Like to Connect with You, {Name}”

It’s mostly used in LinkedIn when you are actively trying to connect with someone you want to connect in your network. But it also works very well in case of emails.

#3 “Can You Introduce Me to {Name}?”

This networking email subject line works great because you request an introduction from a mutual contact. It increases your chances of successfully adding the target person to your network.

#4 “Loved Your Recent Podcast Episode with {Name}”

A lot of industry thought leader, business persons, CXOs etc. are attending podcasts regularly. Adding this subject line for your networking email can help you strike a conversation with them on your email inbox. Make sure you add the right name of the podcast host or the name of the podcast itself in the subject line.

#5 “Fellow Alumni Here From {University}, Would Love to Connect”

It can be a great networking email subject line if you are trying to connect someone from your university/school. This works especially well for recent graduates who are trying to connect with their seniors for career related helps.

Follow-up email subject lines for networking email

Even for the goal of networking, sending follow-up emails are sometimes necessary.  They act like digital nudges that keep a conversations going, spark interest, and lead to meaningful connections. 

Whether you’re circling back after an event or reigniting a dormant conversation, these concise subject lines pack a punch.

#6 “Quick Update: {Topic} “

Adding the topic name in the email subject line for networking piques the recipient’s curiosity and encourages him/her to open the email and learn more. This subject line also works great as a follow-up sales subject line

#7 “Following Up on {Discussion Topic}”

This networking email subject line can help you keep the conversation alive with prospects and other type of recipients (such as recruiters, partners, team members etc.) 

#8 “Interested in Collaboration for {Topic Name}?”

This subject line works great for professionals, since you are inviting them to a take part in a shared interest activity.

#9 “Loved Meeting You at {Event Name}”

At lot of times at different events you meet important people, it’s always a good idea to send them a follow-up email to build your rapport with them. 

#10 “Hi {Name}, Following Up On Our {Call/Meeting}”

This subject line for networking email works great because it gives them a reference point for the last conversation you had with them. It usually works best for sales reps once they have provided some sort of sales demos and want to learn more about the prospect’s decision. Nonetheless, for networking purposes, you can use it too.

Subject lines for mutual connection reference

When you have a mutual contact in common, your subject line becomes a powerful tool. It’s like saying, “We’re not strangers; we share a connection.” 

Here are some subject lines for networking emails that you can use.

#11 “Connecting Through {Mutual Contact}”

This subject line highlights the bridge between you and the recipient by creating a curiosity once he/see sees the name of the mutual contact.

#12 “Referred by {Mutual Contact}: Need Help in {Topic}” 

This line helps you leverage the shared contact for any help that you need. Since you mention the name of the mutual contact, the recipient instantly recongnizes the mutual acquaintance and open your email. 

#13 “Inspired by {Mutual Contact}’s Recommendation”

You can use this email as an introductory email as well. It acknowledges the power of referral.

Miscellaneous subject lines for networking emails

Apart from the above use cases, here are some intriguing options for subject line for networking emails:

#14 “Let’s Grab Coffee & Brainstorm”

This subject line, combines a friendly and slightly informal tone with a clear purpose, making it a great choice for you to propose an informal meeting with your co-workers, partners or people that you already know.

#15 “Inspired by Your Recent {Achievement}”

Taking about the recipient’s achievements in the email subject line, shows genuine interest and admiration for the recipient, making it ideal for building rapport. 

#16 “Your {Blog/Video/LinkedIn Post} Resonated with Me” 

This is something that I personally use a lot when I am trying to collaborate with other content creators, marketers etc. Because you appreciate their work, it makes them curious to check out your email and read more.

#17 “Seeking Guidance/Assistance on {Topic Name}”

Asking for help in terms of guidance, assistance is a great way to network with the people from your industry, company or school. But be very specific about the topic you are looking for guidance on. 

Top 6 tips for success in networking emails 

Now, you have got the subject lines for networking emails in place. 

But to be successful in networking email, you need some things more than just “subject lines”. It has to be the email overall that gets you the result. 

So, here are 6 tips to ensure your networking emails stand out and yield positive results: 

1. Do your research before writing an email

Before hitting the “send” button or even writing the email, invest some time in researching the recipient

Avoid reaching out to a stranger without understanding their background or current role. Nothing dampens rapport like asking about a job they no longer hold. Use online platforms (such as LinkedIn) to gather insights into their work, interests, and recent accomplishments.

💡Tip: Explore their LinkedIn profile or recent posts to find conversation starters that you can use in your email copy.

2. Write attention-grabing email subject lines

Make sure your networking email subject lines are concise, intriguing, relevant and unique. Always personalize your cold email headlines using touches like shared interest, company name, recipient’s name or even a mutual contact that you both migh be knowing.

For example: 

  • “ Hi, I met you at an event last last month” ❌
  • “ Hi, I met you at the {Annual Offsite Meeting} last month” ✅

We have covered about 165 such cold email subject lines that you can use for sales as well as for networking purposes. Check them out for more ideas!

💡Tip: Keep your email subject lines within 8 words or 59 characters so that it doesn’t truncate on a mobile device, tablets or computers.

3. Mention how you’re similar

Find common ground. Whether it’s a shared alma mater, industry, or hobby, highlighting similarities fosters connection. Briefly mention what you have in common, reinforcing the idea that you’re not just another stranger in their inbox.

4. Praise their work or accomplishments

Compliments go a long way. Acknowledge their expertise, recent achievements, or thought leadership. Be specific and genuine. For instance:

  • I enjoyed your recent article on [Topic].”
  • Your success at [Company] is inspiring.”

5. Keep it brief 

Respect their time. Networking emails should be concise and to the point. Avoid lengthy paragraphs or overwhelming details. State your purpose succinctly, leaving room for further dialogue. 

💡Tip: Aim for 4- 5 concise sentences to wrap your email copy. Add a CTA in the end

6. Opt for multichannel engagement

Nowadays reach-outs don’t work for single channel. For maximum ROI of this activity, opt for reaching out to your target persons on multiple channels such as email, LinkedIn, Youtube (if they have a channel), or even their Instagram page as well. The idea is staying on top of their mind. 

7. Read your email again before hitting the “send” button 

Once the email is written, read the entire copy thoroughly. Check for the following:

  • No spelling errors: Run a meticulous spell-check. Even a single typo can diminish credibility.
  • Grammar precision: Verify that your grammar is impeccable. Incorrect punctuation or awkward phrasing can deter readers.
  • Clarity is key: Ensure your subject line is crystal clear. Ambiguity leads to confusion.

For an extra layer of assurance, consider using an online grammar and punctuation checker like Grammarly, Hemingway etc. . These tools evaluate word length, engagement, and readability, helping you create subject lines that resonate with your audience.

How SmartReach.io helps in networking email success

SmartReach.io one of the best tool for writing email subject lines for networking email using AI

SmartReach.io is an AI-powered sales engagement platform designed to enhance your outreach efforts and drive your business growth. It offers the power of generative AI combined with automation, personalization, and data-driven insights—all aimed at transforming your networking and sales game. 

SmartReach.io offers a lot of features to boost your email open rates, email deliverability, click-through rates and response rates – necessary for a successful networking email campaign. 

With a G2 rating of 4.6 and over 3000+ users worldwide, SmartReach.io is used by SDRs, Marketers, agency owners and businesses of all sizes for running their outbound outreach campaigns on automation.

Here’s how SmartReach.io can help in your networking email campaign success:

✅ Run automated and semi-automated campaigns with added follow-ups to reach out to your target audience via channels such as Email, LinkedIn, Calling, Text Messaging and even on Whatsapp. It saves you both time and effort.

✅ Hyperpersonalize your email headlines and body copies using features such as Spintax, Custom column, merge tags etc. It helps you improve your email open rate and likely get you more replies.

✅ Write personalized email copies based on industry, job profile and other details using SmartReach’s AI content generator . It helps you make concise, relevant and targetted email copy in minutes.

✅ SmartReach schedules your emails based on the timezone of your prospects and sends your networking emails at the optimal time for the peak engagement. 

✅ You can easily check the detailed reports and analytics of your email campaigns to track various metrics such as open rates, reply rate, CTRs, best time to send and lot more.

✅ SmartReach let you access to its large database of exclusive, relevant and personalized email templates for networking. You can even customize them and share with your team.

✅ With ProspectDaddy, SmartReach’s proprietary prospect finder tool you can collect prospect information such as their LinkedIn URLs, business emails etc. for running outreach campaigns.

And the best part is you can sign-up and try the tool for FREE for 14 Days. No Credit Card Required. 

So, give it a try for 14 days and see how your networking game improves!

Bottom line

In conclusion, networking opportunities via email is unlimited, only if you manage to pull off the subject line for networking emails right. The subject line sells the email. So, make sure you are following the guidelines I have provided in this article. Reach out with a purpose, try to build rapport for the long-run. 

I’d always recommend early career professionals, to try and attend as many physical networking events as you can. It will help you observe the prospects, learn about them and create ice-breakers when you are reaching out via email or LinkedIn. 

Final takeaway— don’t sweat the small stuff! Act natural, ask for help from others and ready to help others. This is the best professional and personal advice for networking and building relationships with people in the long-run. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q. what is a good email subject line for networking?

A good email subject line for networking can be the one that is concise and has personalization touches into it. Example: “I’d Like to Connect with You, {Name}”. We have covered some 18 such examples in this article.

Q. How do I write a networking email?

At first, find the email IDs of the person you are trying to network with. Then sign-up for a free trial of SmartReach.io using your business email. Put the email whereabouts in the SmartReach’s Content AI , and it will generate you a personalized email copy within minutes. Now you can either send it manually or you can automate the email outreach using SmartReach.io as well.

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