13 Cold Email Software With Pros, Cons, and Pricing

Are you confused about selecting the best cold email software for your sales outreach campaign? 

At the end of this article, you will surely be able to make your decision. 

Companies spend a lot of money on digital marketing to be able to communicate with prospective customers and also with existing ones. Paid Advertising and Social Media especially work well for businesses. 

However, when it comes to finding new business or prospects, Cold Email Outreach works wonders for them. 

The best cold email software provide open rates of over 60%, as long as you stick to the best practices of cold emailing. This cold email masterclass should help with that.

While you are shortlisting for cold email outreach software, you should also keep in mind to check for the ‘inbox rotation‘ feature. That will help you with a email deliverability. SmartReach.io provides inbox rotation facility, where you can add unlimited sending email address within a single campaign.

Now let’s have an overview of different tools.

Top 5 best cold email software for 2024

NameG2 RatingPricing/ User/MthChannels Prospects Contact Limit Daily Emails Sending LimitSupportFree 
No Limit50024X6 SupportWarmup
Inbox Rotation
Outreach.io4.3/5$80 (billed annually)Email
No Limit200Weekday support during working hoursWarmup
No Limit200Weekday support during working hoursWarmup
Mailshake4.7/5$58 (billed annually)Email5000/month500Weekday support during working hoursWarmup
Woodpecker4.1/5$49Email1000/month500Weekday support during working hoursWarmup
Email Rotation

Want to jump to the exhaustive list of the best cold email software hand-picked just for you?

  1. SmartReach.io
  2. Lemlist
  3. MailShake
  4. Woodpecker.co
  5. Klenty
  6. Reply.io
  7. GMass
  8. SalesHandy
  9. Outreach.io
  10. YesWare
  11. Snov
  12. Overloop
  13. Folderly

What is cold email outreach?

Cold email software helps to improve your cold email outreach. 

Reps who engage in cold email outreach activities believe that your audience or prospect list and the right communication play the most important role in generating qualified leads.

However, even with the most accurate prospect list and the best cold email templates, it involves a lot of human effort to get results out of cold email outreach. 

Proper campaign tracking and endless copy-pasting make cold email outreach a little tedious job. This is where cold email software comes in handy.

Cold email software automates the process of sending emails and follow-ups to prospects. It reduces human effort as well as human errors. 

Cold email software, if chosen correctly, will offer a range of tools that will not only help you automate the process but also give you the best ROI with its features such as inbox rotation, email validation, email deliverability, spam test reports, and more. 

By using the best cold email software, you will increase your chances of reaching your prospect’s primary inbox and closing more deals every month.

So, if I had to table the benefits of cold email software 

Cold Email Software Benefits

You need to think long and hard if you arent getting all these benefits from your next best cold email software

Increase efficiency and automationAutomates repetitive tasksSend personalized emails at scaleFree time to focus on more strategic tasks
Improves personalization and engagementPersonalize email content and subject linesSegment your audienceTrack and measure resultsA/B test subject lines, body, and sending times
Enhance prospect management & reportingCentralized data storageAdvanced reporting and analyticsIntegrate with CRM, and other business tools
Reduced costs and improved ROISend emails at a fraction of the costHigher response rates and conversion ratesImprove sales productivity
Improve collaboration and team managementShare templates, campaigns, and reportsCommon inbox for the team to read & send emails Improve communication and transparencyAssign leads and tasks
Compliance and securityEnsure compliance with spam regulationsSecure data storage and encryptionGDPR and CCPA compliance

Add Unlimited Sending Email Accounts – Gimmick?

Let’s use logic

You might come across many tools out there that let you add unlimited sending emails for $37. This is great news but it has a 1000 limitation on prospects and 5000 emails per month

Have you calculated (for cold emailing) the number of prospects you currently outreach to get one positive reply that books a meeting? Leave aside closing a deal.

Now tell me if reaching out to 1000 prospects will be enough for a single team member’s quota let alone your business or team target

Don’t go for such marketing gimmicks. You are a salesperson, do the math. Look at the numbers. Reverse calculate the number of prospects you need to reach out to close one deal. 

In cold emailing, the number is pretty high, even if you are running a hyper-personalised campaign. 

I rest my case. 

Must have features in your cold email software

We are sure you aren’t cold-emailing for fun. Most probably your objective would be to book more meetings or get qualified leads.

This means you need more emails delivered, more emails opened, more replies, and a way to effectively manage those replies.

You will also need a way for one team member to do the work of ten.

No..no.. Not as a sales mule.

You will need software that will get all this done for you in the most efficient and effective manner. 

And hence, you should not go ahead with any software that doesn’t provide the following features. 

Email sequences

With the right cold email software you should be able to automate email sequences with personalized messages and follow-ups to nurture leads and keep them engaged.

Email Reply Management

Your cold email software should be able to detect and auto-pause campaigns when your prospect or someone from his domain replies. Smart right? Not many software out there provide this accurately.

Inbox rotation

Your cold email software should let you add multiple email domains to a single campaign. This way, you could distribute your daily or weekly sending volumes, without having to compromise with the deliverability.

Schedule email sending

Your cold email software gives you the option to manage the sending of emails based on time, day of the week, timezone, and holidays. This gets you better open and engagement rates.

AI Content 

This is a must. A major time saver and means to create quality content for teams with non-English speaking natives. 

The best cold email software offers you AI-generated recommendations based on your email context, ICP, and persona. 

Something that could recommend the length, mood and tone of your subject lines and email body. This AI-Content Generator  feature

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is all about getting your email to the prospect’s primary inbox. Not spam or promotions. 

The best cold email software have built-in email deliverability features like email verification, email validations, spam test, or email warmup. 

If a platform charges you an additional fee for any of these features then their specialty is not cold emailing. More emails delivered more the chances of a reply

Shared Team Inbox and Unified Inbox

There is a difference between both. Many cold email software offer a unified inbox which is great but a Shared Team Inbox is greater.

Unified Inbox lets you (individual) manage replies from multiple emails.

Shared Team Inbox, lets you do the same. The added benefit is that like you, many other team members could be added. 

So imagine if you have a team of 10 managing 50 sending emails each. 

All replies to all 500 emails will come to one inbox. These replies could be read and answered by any of the 10 team members, including their manager and his manager. Crazy right

Email Tracking

You should get an option to track open rates, click-through rates, and response rates to measure campaign performance. This is a basic offering by all cold email software. 

Email Templates

Cold email software should let you create and save reusable email templates to ensure consistency and professionalism. 

The best cold email software like SmartReach provides an email template report basis which you could easily share performing templates with the team

A/B Testing

A/B testing is now a basic feature with all cold email software. You should be able to test different email subject lines, body copy, and calls to action to optimize your campaigns for better results.

Reporting and Analytics

You should be able to generate reports and analyze data. Look for analytics like Opportunities Pipeline, Reply Sentiments, Hot Prospects, Team Leaderboards, and Campaign Leaderboards. These help you scale revenue and manage your team effectively

Email Finder & Prospect Research

Cold email software should also provide an option to find and verify prospect emails, LinkedIn URLs, gather company information, and enrich your prospect profiles to personalize your cold email outreach.

Prospect Management

More like a Sales CRM kind of feature. Something like what Salesforce offers. Look out for words like “prospect management”, “CRM” or “database management.” 

The best cold email software like SmartReach provides a Sales CRM for free (at least for now). 

Agency Features

This is important for lead generation or demand generation agencies that deal with generating qualified leads or book meetings for their clients. 

The cold email software you shortlist should make it easy for you to switch between client campaigns and inboxes. You should have features to personalize communication at scale. A free CRM to manage agency data is icing on the cake

SmartReach.io provides all the features and much more, starting at $24.

12 Best cold email software

Cold email software #1


If you are looking for the best cold email software with a power-packed suite of cold email marketing tool your search ends here. SmartReach.io is exactly what you need! 

A cold email software that is compatible with almost every popular CRM tool. 

One of the reasons why SmartReach.io tops the table is its email deliverability to inbox rate. SmartReach.io supports all popular email clients including GSuite, Office365, Outlook, Mailgun, SendGrid and more.

It provides detailed documentation of every process and sub-feature and its support staff responds in less than 5 minutes. Making onboarding a breeze

I have personally signed up and started a live campaign in less than 30 minutes (including content creation for a 5-step sequence).

SmartReach.io provides adding unlimited sending email accounts for outreach campaigns. This helps with better email deliverability. You also get the option to send unlimited messages for your Linkedin outreach.

You could also reduce the overhead cost of tools like Zapier as SmartReach provides native integrations of all top CRMs, email finders and email clients. But if needed the native Zapier integrations is available.

In addition to email outreach, SmartReach lets you engage with prospects via LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Calls and text

Key Features

Email automation
  • One-by-one sending: Emails are sent individually, mimicking manual outreach for a more genuine touch.
  • Create unlimited campaigns, sequences and follow-ups. 
  • No limit on the number of prospects targeted per month
  • Inbox rotation: Manage 15 sending accounts across various domains within one campaign.
  • Account-based sales: Target multiple stakeholders within an enterprise for effective account-based selling.
  • Deliver emails at the optimal time zones for each prospect, maximizing engagement.
  • Generate unique and personalized emails with conditional statements with Spintax
  • AI-generated content to create personalized emails and replies using AI.
  • Free warmup service (WarmupHero) available or if required easy integration with your favorite warm-up tools.
  • Soft start feature to gradually increase email volume for a smooth transition.
  • Free Email validations to verify emails before sending
  • Free Email authentication checks to ensure emails land in the inbox, not the spam folder.
Multi-channel Outreach
  • Engage prospects through Email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, and calls.
  • Offer more interaction options for improved prospect experience.
  • Deliver personalized communication across various channels.
  • Native calling feature with power dialer, recording, listen & barge-in feature
  • Full LinkedIn automation (Single or in a multichannel sequence)
  • Utilize ProspectDaddy for free to discover prospect Linkedin profiles urls and business emails on LinkedIn and Gmail.
  • Free Sales CRM: Manage millions of prospects efficiently and categorize them based on engagement.
CRM Integrations
  • Two way sync and data flow between SmartReach and platforms like HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. (Native integrations)
  • Set unlimited workflows
  • Calander app with rotational agent booking
Team Collaboration
  • With Shared Inbox, you can monitor team communication and ensure consistent response times.
  • Define access levels for different team members.

Inbox Rotation

  • Add unlimited sending email accounts for outreach campaigns – without worrying about per-seat fees.
  • Scale campaigns while maintaining a healthy domain reputation.
  • Reach more inboxes when you match your ESP with the recipients.
  • Personalize the sender names for your email accounts.
Analytics and Reporting:
  • Gain valuable data on opens, clicks, and responses for smarter optimization.
  • Opportunities pipeline to track all your deals and forecast better


  • Although SmartReach does not have any email drip feature yet, there are hardly any cons as it is highly customizable and fulfills all your needs. 
  • Native CRM integration with Close.io and Copper CRM is not available, it has a Zapier integration that would address this concern. 
  • SmartReach.io doesn’t offer a free plan. In its defense, it offer a lot of free features which are normally charged if you use another service like warmup, prospect finder, email verification, Sales CRM, Calendar App and more

SmartReach.io Pricing:- 

Free Trial: 14 Days (includes all add-on functions)

With SmartReach’s latest pricing plans, which are more budget-friendly and based on your usage, you can pay based on the prospects you contact. The email outreach plan starts at $24 and the sales engagement plan starts at $32. 

SmartReach provides the option to pay as per your usage with the help of different add-ons. For example, if you need additional prospects stored or are only calling, or only for LinkedIn outreach, you can opt for that rather than going for the complete package.

inbox rotation

Cold email software #2


Lemlist is one of the best tools used for B2B lead generation via cold email marketing. It allows you to automate your cold email marketing campaigns. You can easily personalize cold emails, automate follow-ups, and engage with leads across all channels. 

Key Features:-

  • Lemlist offers you easy email personalization features that let you send customized emails via mail merge to boost your cold email outreach.
  • Lemlist makes it easy for you to use custom tracking domains for your email campaigns.
  • Lemlist lets you automate follow-ups and create personalized email sequences for your marketing campaigns.

Lemlist Vs SmartReach comparison of features and pricing.



  • Email automation.
  • Personalization of images and videos is possible.
  • Automatic follow-ups system.
  • Can use any customized cold email template.
  • Integrates with popular CRM software.


  • It has a  separate interface from your email, you will have to switch through tabs multiple times to manage each cold outreach campaign.
  • Can be challenging to set up a drip campaign.
  • Lemlist doesn’t offer a free plan for Users.
  • No spam test reports are available
  • It neither gives you an email validation report nor the linked-in prospect finder feature
  • Lemlist doesn’t have an inbuilt free email validation service. 


Lemlist currently offers pricing plans that start from $59 per month per user with unlimited cold outreach campaign emails. However, their yearly plans may save you some costs.

Cold email software #3


MailShake offers you comprehensive cold email marketing software. It connects with almost every email service provider such as G-suite, Outlook, SMTP, etc. Apart from that MailShake also integrates with popular CRM software. Mailshake also offers you a decent number of features like A/B Testing, Follow-up emails, email personalization, and more. 

Key Features:-

  • One of Mailshake’s best features that makes it a standout from other similar software is the option to edit campaigns that have already begun.
  • Mailshake offers native integration with popular CRM software
  • You can use mail merge to personalize email and follow-ups

Mailshake Vs SmartReach – Comparison of features and pricing



  • A/B testing
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Pre-made Email Templates
  • Event Trigger for Emails
  • Mobile-Optimized Emails
  • WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Email Editor


  • It Counts “Out-of-Office” Emails as a Lead
  • Doesn’t have an email finder tool 
  • Offers only 5000 free email validation credits


  • Mailshake only offers 2 plans $59/month and $99/month plans 
  • No free plans

Cold email software #4


Woodpecker.co offers you an email automation tool that helps you put your cold email outreach on autopilot. It also integrates with email service providers such as Gmail and Outlook. Woodpecker’s email personalization and follow-up email system are some of the basic but most important features that help you track and optimize your campaigns.

Key Features:-

  • Scheduling and tracking cold email campaigns.
  • Auto-reply detection and follow-up email
  • Enable drip campaigns
  • Single platform for team management and tracking
  • Personalization of email

Woodpecker.co Vs SmartReach – Comparison of features and pricing



  • Woodpecker.co gives you a system to auto-detect duplicate contact in your email list.
  • Bunch of campaign management features such as team management and detailed reporting
  • Woodpecker.co also has a chrome browser extension which comes in very handy for certain tasks
  •  It has dedicated tools for the B2B Lead Generation process for agencies


  • Woodpecker.co doesn’t have hyper-personalization of the email i.e. it does give you a feature to personalize email text but it doesn’t let you send a liquid conditional email.
  • Another shortcoming of Woodpecker is that; it doesn’t have an email finder tool. Email finder tool helps you find prospect’s email ID
  • Woodpecker doesn’t offer native integration with some of the most popular CRM software, such as Salesforce, ZOHO, etc.
  • No free plans 


Pricing plans start at $49/month per user with all basic features with unlimited sending. However, the pricing increases to $69/month per user if you want to include Advance Campaign Management, API Keys and Integration, and an Agency Panel

Cold email software #5


Klenty is a cold email marketing software that helps you send personalized emails and automated follow-up messages. It is a platform designed to help you get more replies and meetings.

Key Features:-

  • Email automation and personalization – beyond the first name personalization you can create unlimited and custom placeholders.
  • It allows you to track open, click, reply, and bounce rate reports and optimize your campaign accordingly.
  • It also provides you data and insights with templates such as A/B Testing, Comparison Metrics, and Coaching Manuals to optimize every outreach campaign.
  • Klenty detects duplicate contacts in your list and blocks them to ensure no contact gets multiple emails.

 Klenty Vs SmartReach – Comparison of features and pricing



  • A very easy campaign management interface that helps you perform tasks smoothly
  • You can import prospects lists in CSV, Google Sheets, or CRM quite easily.
  • You can branch your cadences based on engagement with previous emails
  • Better email deliverability with Email Throttling, Random Sending Intervals
  • Integrations with Zapier and Pipedrive CRM to automate your workflow.


  • Some of the important features like email validations, spam test reports are missing
  • There are limited features offered for agencies, such as one-click reports or single SignOn
  • Klenty doesn’t offer you a free trial 


Pricing plans start at $35/month per user with features like unlimited contacts, email cadences, API, Gmail plugin, and mail merge. However, an enterprise version which is a full stack of features offered by Klenty costs you $100/month per user if billed annually.

Cold email software #6


Reply.io is a platform designed for sales engagement that helps you automate & scale your email outreach. It is designed to help you generate more leads, acquire new customers, and grow revenue faster. Most of their customers use it primarily for email automation and sales growth. 

Key Features:-

  • Reply.io offers you a power-packed reporting system that helps you track the open, click, reply, and bounce rate of your email campaigns.
  • It helps you personalize your emails which makes your campaigns more effective.
  • You can filter out certain users from the queue depending upon their actions which gives you better results from your campaigns
  • It offers you a decent number of daily sending limit i.e 400 emails per day

Reply.io Vs SmartReach  – Comparison of features and pricing



  • Reply.io offers a lot of features that help you to create easy workflows and achieve great results
  • It offers you a very easy and user-friendly dashboard that helps you perform tasks faster and with very less complications
  • It also has a tool that helps you find prospect’s email IDs via LinkedIn
  • It gets integrated with most of the popular CRM which help you smoothly create campaign workflows


  • Pricing plans of reply.io are on the higher side compared to industry standards.
  • It doesn’t offer some of the most important features like spam test reports
  • It doesn’t have dedicated features for big teams and agencies like once click report or Single SignOn 
  • No free plan is available for users who want to try the software 
  • No free plans


  • The basic plan with Users to Contact 1,000 people per month is priced at $70
  • Mid-level plan with User to Contact 3,000 people per month is priced at $90
  • The top plan with User to Contact 30,000 people per month is priced at $120

Cold email software #7


GMass offers you a cold email software tool that can be used from your Gmail account. Its powerful mail merge capabilities and other important features have made it a popular cold email outreach tool. GMass is a perfect tool for single users, startups companies, sales representatives, and anyone who wants to use Gmail for cold outreach.

Key Features:-

  • GMass’ offers a feature that helps you Build an Email List which makes it super easy to create massive mailing lists.
  • GMass helps you personalize email messages that make your campaigns more impactful and result-oriented
  • GMass offers you strong analytics and reports features that help you get datasets for total recipients, unique opens, clicks, replies, and bounce rates
  • GMass automates the process of sending follow-ups to help you engage your prospects and boost open rates.


  • The simple setup process with Gmail.
  • The interface is self-explanatory and user-friendly.
  • Email listing options which help you better targeting
  • Has a host email deliverability features


  • The tool works only with Gmail and Google Workspace accounts.
  • The tool doesn’t work with any browser but only with the Chrome browser.
  • Doesn’t offer native integrations with CRM software 


  • Standard Individual Plan Starts with $12.95/month per user with basic features
  • Premium plan with advanced features costs $19.95/month per user
  • Team Plan with all features starts with $89/month for a team of five

Cold email software #8


SalesHandy is a cold email software that helps you Send personalized cold email campaigns with automated follow-ups. SalesHandy offers a set of tools for small individual marketers to big enterprises.

Key Features:-

  • You can send personalized emails to multiple recipients.
  • Automate follow-ups to individual emails or entire email campaigns.
  • Built-in email limiter ensures you don’t send many emails per day and risk your domain reputation.
  • An email verification tool helps check the validity of email addresses before sending emails.


  • Cold email software with free email tracking with Gmail.
  • Schedule bulk emails to be sent to recipients in different time zones at a time they are most likely to be opened.
  • Link tracking and real-time notifications when emails are opened.
  • It has a free starter plan for small-time users


  • You have to pay separately for verifying email lists.
  • No native mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Limited mail merge capabilities.
  • It offers a very plain UI and not with the latest trends
  • No native CRM integrations
  • No spam test reports


SalesHandy has a Free Forever plan with limited features which is suitable for small-scale individual marketers. Paid plans start at $9/month per user with features like email tracking, templates, and analytics. A plus plan with additional features costs $22/ month per user and the enterprise plan costs $49/month per user

Cold email software #9


An all-in-one platform that makes your sales team’s work easy and ROI-driven. It is one of the most useful software for sales teams since it allows them to not only send cold emails but also make calls to other regions and countries. Outreach also offers an SMS integration feature that lets you reach your potential customers via phone. Outreach offers you a wide range of features, but it has the highest cost compared to almost any software in the same industry.

Key Features:-

  • It is a cold email software that offers real-time customer engagement insights using email tracking and link-clicks tracking
  • SalesHandy allows users to send personalized mail merge campaigns with trigger-based automated follow-up
  • Some of the important benefits of using SalesHandy are email scheduling, customized mail merging, email tracking, email campaigns, automated follow-ups


  • They have a great customer support
  • Outreach offers you many different Integrations
  • You can make  calls to different countries


  • Bulk emails take a longer wait time 
  • The Integration with Gmail and Salesforce Could be Better
  • It is expensive and not a budget-friendly option for small businesses
  • Not the best software for small teams or individual businesses


They do not mention their costs but you can request pricing plans by contacting them via the website (usually offer only annual plans and with minimum order size)

Cold email software #10


Yesware is a simple and effective cold email software used for cold email outreach by sales reps and email marketers. In YesWare you can create personalized cold email marketing campaigns. YesWare works with email service providers such as Gmail and Outlook.

Key Features:-

  • YesWare allows you to create personalized email templates 
  • You can easily schedule and run drip campaigns.
  • cold email software that sets follow-up emails and reminders.
  • Email tracking with real-time notifications.


  • It offers you a clean dashboard to track each and every campaign
  • Email personalization is possible to a very good extent
  • It integrates with many CRM Software


  • It doesn’t properly show email opens if there are multiple recipients


Pricing plans start with Pro Plan at $15/month per user with email tracking, productivity tools, and reporting features. However, the Premium and Enterprise plans cost you $35 and $65/ month per user respectively\

Cold email software #11


Snov is another popular software designed for cold emailing that has an easy-to-use interface. Snov is a cold email software that helps you automate your cold outreach and save time. You can also download the Snov extension for Google Chrome that lets you find someone’s email address on a website.

Key Features:-

  • Snov offers A/B Testing and detailed reporting that help you optimize your campaigns
  • Snov offers list management tools that help you import and maintain subscriber data
  • Email Verification tool that helps you clean your email list


  •  Snov offers you an Email Finder Tool
  •  You can start drip campaigns
  •  Email Verifier that Validates all Email Addresses
  • With the Domain Search Tool, you can find an email address that is attached to a certain domain name.


  • They have a hideous interface, which makes it a little challenging for the users to create workflows easily
  • No native CRM integrations 


  • Small Plan: $33 month/unlimited user
  • Medium Plan: $83 month/unlimited user
  • Large Plan: $158 month/unlimited user
  • Extra-Large Plan: $308 month/unlimited user
  • Extra-Extra-Large Plan: $615 month/unlimited user

Cold email software #12

Overloop.io (earlier Prospect.io)

Overloop (earlier Prospect.io) is an email automation tool that helps companies and freelancers find leads via cold email marketing. It offers a super quick and easy solution for prospecting and lead management. This will be your cold email software in case you are looking for CRM integrations and finding prospects via social media.

Key Features:-

  • Search or verify the email IDs of your list of prospects
  • Very Easy-to-Use Email Sequencing Tool
  • Customize and share email templates with your sales team
  • Reply detection – including tracking of bounce rates and out-of-office responses


  • It works with Gmail and Outlook.
  • It offers integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot CRM.
  • Has a chrome extension that helps you find prospect details from social media.


  • Creating drip campaigns can be complicated.
  • No free plan is available.
  • Unused email credits in a month don’t roll over to the next month — you lose them.


Pricing plans start at $19/month per user with unlimited email campaigns, reporting features, and 250 email finder credits. You can purchase additional credits starting at $39 for 250 credits.

Cold email software #13


Folderly is an all-in-one email deliverability platform that aims to locate, solve and prevent email deliverability issues. It helps businesses to build robust email infrastructure, increase email deliverability, and boost outcomes through email marketing. Folderly offers solutions to various business needs, from email deliverability testing to complex domain audits.


Key Features:-

  • Folderly’s distinguishing feature is automatically generated senders, which ensure an accelerated increase of sender score and mailbox security. 
  • Set of technical procedures to improve and maintain domain reputation;
  • Inbox placement tests through the most popular email service providers 
  • Domain health monitoring and insights on IP information, DNS settings, and sender score.
  • Blacklists monitoring 
  • Email template analysis dashboard that allows to create HTML or plain text emails and instantly check them for spam triggers.


  • Choose what you need: get your new domain ready for email outreach campaigns ensures that each of your emails land to the Inbox with Folderly Premium
  • GDPR- & CCPA-ready solution that ensures data safety
  • Dedicated customer success manager 
  • Seamless integration via API and SMTP with all popular email service providers and any custom providers.


  • No free trial 
  • No email outreach


Folderly offers two packages based on your business goals with discounted rates for annual billing. 

  • The Basic plan is $49/mo, and it allows you to get a new domain ready for successful outreach campaigns. 
  • Premium subscription costs $200/mo and includes multiple features that make each of your emails land in the Inbox. 


Cold email marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. Coupled with the best cold email software that suits your requirements of email automation tools you will achieve success in your campaigns. The list of the software mentioned in this blog allows you to make your work easier, faster, and more accurate. You can evaluate your needs and resources to choose the best tool for your business

Higher Response Rates with outreach via LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS & Calls

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