27 Best Cold Calling Scripts For B2B Software Sales 

Cold calling scripts help sales reps prepare well for those nerve-wracking first-contact calls. They help remove any room for interpretation and encourage SDRs to focus on what they are saying and convey their agenda precisely. Remember that the actual enemy here is not fear but the uncertainty that comes with cold calling.

To help you succeed and take control of your cold calls, we give you 27 cold calling scripts that have been used by experienced sales development reps and have proven effective in cold calling.

What is Cold-Calling?

Calling potential customers who have never heard of your business or products is known as “cold calling.”

A cold call is made to a potential customer who isn’t familiar with the salesperson’s brand but is still a good match for the product or service since they have similar characteristics to the rep’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Despite the rise of new channels for reaching out to potential clients and the widespread cynicism about cold calling, it is still one of the most effective techniques for salespeople to contact leads and schedule meetings.

Nowadays, sales engagement platforms like SmartReach.io provide channels like calling within their software. It could be added as part of a cold outreach sequence. Imagine, you’ve sent two emails, a LinkedIn connection request and a LinkedIn message to a prospect, then if you are cold call a prospect, it warmer than without the sequence. The higher chance that the prospect will give you 20 seconds of their time.

Cold Call Scripts For Software Sales: Why are they needed?

Mentioned below are a few reasons why cold-calling scripts are preferred

  • Helps You Be Prepared 

If you get on the phone without preparation or a script, you can end up with uncomfortable silences, too much filler, and a shaky delivery. But with a script, you can deliver your sales pitch with assurance, precision, and no blunders. Your cold call should seem spontaneous

  • Better Objection Handling

Handling objections is probably one of the tough things to do for newbie sales reps. However, having a cold calling script helps newbie sales reps be confident during such situations.

  • Train New Employees Efficiently

Having to follow scripts will prevent inexperienced sales reps from getting stuck on the phone owing to uncertainty about what to say. Ultimately, it makes the training process go faster for sales managers. Script-based mock calls also ensure that the sales pitch is consistent across the team.

Structure your Cold Call Scripts For Software Sales

If you want to create your cold calling script, here is a basic 3-step outline to follow:

  • Open
  • Qualify
  • Close


At the outset of the call, you should do two things: grab the prospect’s attention and pique their interest so much that they want to keep talking to you.

To do this, please introduce yourself by stating your name, designation and the company you are working with before proceeding. Then explain your reason for calling. In a perfect world, the explanation would have to do with the difficulty your prospect is having and how you can assist them in fixing the problem and achieving their goal. Finally, see if the potential customer wants to talk more about it.

For example, “Hi, this is [Your Name] calling from [Your Company]. I wanted to talk to you today about [Your Product or Service].” Depending on the reaction, you can ask an engaging question or make a bold statement that captures the prospect’s attention. This could be a thought-provoking question that relates to their business or a surprising statistic that highlights the benefits of your solution. For example, “Did you know that businesses like yours can save up to 30% on their marketing costs with our platform?”


Next, find out whether their problems are ones that your organization can solve and if they are the right match for your products and services by digging further. Ask open-ended questions to learn about their business, their challenges, and their goals. This will help you tailor your pitch to their specific needs and show them how your solution can help them.

After determining whether or not a prospect qualifies, it’s a good idea to recap the conversation by writing down the prospect’s top three challenges. Having heard their concerns, the prospect will know that you cared more than making a sale, demonstrating that you are sincere in your desire to assist them.


Include a brief sales presentation highlighting how your product, service, or solution has helped other businesses like theirs accomplish their goals.

Convince them to schedule a meeting after the conversation since this is the typical next step. Specify the next step and provide a convenient time and day, then check with them to see whether they can make it.

Remember, the goal of the close is to get a commitment from the prospect to move forward. Be confident, but also respectful of their time and needs. If they’re not ready to buy, schedule a follow-up call or email to continue the conversation. 

Guide to 27 Best Cold Calling Scripts

Now that you know all the basics about cold-calling, let’s look at some of the best cold-calling scripts which you can use to level up your cold-calling game. We have curated these 27 cold-calling scripts based on various scenarios. 

Opening Statements to Initiate Meaningful Dialogue with Prospects

The opening statement of a sales call is critical in initiating a meaningful dialogue with prospects. It’s your first chance to make a positive impression and establish a connection with the prospect. An effective opening statement should be personalized and relevant to the prospect’s needs, and it should also capture their attention and generate interest in your product or service. This can be achieved by using a question or statement that highlights a pain point or challenge the prospect may be facing, and then offering a solution that can help. It’s also important to be friendly, confident, and professional in your tone, and to avoid coming across as pushy or aggressive.

1. When Attempting To Reconnect With A Lost Lead

Caller: Hi Naomi, it’s Ray from SmartReach.
Prospect: Oh, hi Ray! 
Caller: We spoke in (month) regarding your need to create a prospect list based on your ICP and increase sales meetings booked 
However, you shelved the plan because the budgeted funding had to be moved to another campaign. Is this a good time to discuss the project?
Prospect: Oh, that’s great! Yes,
Caller: Oh, that’s great! (Ask qualifying questions.)

2. When A Prospect’s Coworker Suggests You

Caller: “Hi Roxanne, this is Mike from SmartReach. How are you doing today?”
Lead: Good, thanks. How about you?
Caller: “I’m doing well, thanks for asking. I’m calling today because I recently had a conversation with James from your content team. He mentioned that you are actively seeking a solution to [increase your prospect reply rates]. Is that something you’re still interested in?”
Prospect: Yes
Caller: “Great to hear that. I’d love to learn more about your current sales outreach process and see if there’s anything we can do to help simplify things for you. Would that be okay?”
Prospect: Sure
(Pose qualifying questions to engage in a conversation and show genuine interest in the customer’s business needs and challenges.)

3. On Getting a Referral from a Customer Or Acquaintance

Caller: Hi Liam, Taylor from SmartReach.io here.
Recently, I spoke with one of our clients – Axel at Ontime Supply, who informed me that you are actively searching for an alternate sales engagement platform.
We have been assisting companies like yours, especially in dealing with cloud-based software solutions. Recently, XYZ used SmartReach to streamline its cold outreach process and was able to close 15% more deals than its last quarter.
I am reaching out to see if I can assist you with your problem.
Prospect: “Tell me more.”
Caller: Could you answer a few questions so I can better understand your situation?
Prospect: “Yes”
Caller: Perfect! Now, Lia, tell me…
(Pose qualifying questions)

4. On Using a Trigger Event

Caller: Hi Rich, this is James from SmartReach.io. Did you attend the [Cold Email Personalisation webinar] on Saturday? I noticed you were there and wanted to reach out to you.
Prospect: Yes, I did attend. It was pretty insightful.
Caller: I’m glad to hear that! One thing that comes up a lot when we talk to businesses is how challenging it can be to keep up with [newer AI technology that creates personalized email content]. Do you share that concern?
(Wait for a response from the prospect)
Caller: I completely understand. Many of our clients have faced similar challenges, which is why we developed an AI-backed content recommendation feature.
Prospect: Yes, that does sound interesting.
(Ask qualifying questions)

5. When a Prospect Engages with your Cold Email

Caller: Hi Sam, This is Amy from SmartReach.io. I saw that you accessed an email I sent you on (day) about renovating your office space. Yes, our software can do that.
I’m curious whether you are interested in hearing more about our offering. Do you have a few minutes?
*Prospect answers yes*
Caller: Before I show you the ideas I have brainstormed for you, can I ask you a few questions to understand your preference better?
If “yes,” (Ask qualifying questions)

Cold Calling Scripts To Deal with Indecisive Objections

Let’s assume your prospect’s name is Sally 😉

6. We Already Have The Product Or Service Of (Your Competitor).

“Oh, great. And how is that working out? 
Is there any feature/service you need that’s not available in “Competitors product”?
In what circumstances would you consider switching to other goods or services? “

If you don’t ask, “no” will always be the answer

Just because a prospect is already using a competitor’s product, it does not imply the door is permanently closed. The above response allows you to explore prospects’ future aims and ambitions and other valuable information.

7. I Will Have To Address This With (Prospects Supervisor).

“I am aware, Sally. If it’s okay with you, I’d be glad to contact <Decision maker> and answer any queries they may have. Let me know if this works?”
If yes, get their phone number and proceed.
If “no,” respond, “That’s perfectly fine. One quick question, “Do you think that (the decision maker) would be interested in learning about this?”

This response will either bring you in direct contact with the decision maker or provide you with further information about them.

8. I’ve Heard <Anything Negative About Your Product/Service>

“I’m sorry to hear that. And thank you for bringing this to my attention, Sally. It’s not something we want our consumers to go through. Could you elaborate on what you heard?”

It is natural to get defensive about the product you are selling. Stop pitching. However, SDRs must handle this objection with grace. This response shows the prospects that you acknowledge the issue and want to make a difference. Be genuinely concerned about their sentiments and prepared to clear their doubts.

9. I Need To Think About It

Sally, I appreciate that you may need more time to consider this. However, what are the obstacles preventing you from taking action?”

When a prospect says they need to think about something, they are usually uncertain if the product is a good fit. They are probably not sure how your product can solve their pain point. Before asking any more questions, understand what is upsetting them.

Cold Calling Scripts To Deal with Reflex Response Objections

For fun sake let’s now call our prospect Thor.

10. Send Me The Details.

“I would be happy to do it. Can you specify what kind of information would be helpful?
“(Thor replies,”
Makes sense, can you tell me why this information is significant?

Such a question subtly encourages the prospect to continue answering your qualifying questions instead of hanging up the phone.

11. We don’t need it

Awesome! But, there is always room for more, and I believe we can help. After researching potential companies in this industry, we’ve identified key challenges, and it occurred to me that we could provide concrete solutions to address them.
If this interest you then, I’d be happy to send more details. Just let me know if you’d like to learn more, and we can discuss it further.

When an SDR does thorough research about the company, they are better positioned to handle a reflex response like this. This kind of communication shows your prospects that you genuinely care about their business and have researched their company, vision, and goals.

12. Prospect Is Busy And Requested to Call Back.

“That’s okay. Why don’t I contact you later tonight or tomorrow morning at (XYZ) time?

This response shows that you respect your prospect’s time and also gets you a response about a time you can commit to calling them later. Possibly ask them permission to schedule a meeting with them via Google Calendar.

13. This Is Not A Priority At The Moment.

That’s alright. Can we schedule a call in a month or two?”
(Thor replies)
“Work with me! In the meantime, we have some interesting client case studies and resources available on <topic that you find fascinating>. If you like then I could send them to you via email.

Even though you are postponing the conversation by a few weeks, getting their primary contact information like their email address gives you an opportunity to warm up to them in the meantime.

14. Call Back In 3 to 6 Months.

“Sure. I’d be pleased to. Just curious, is a (prospect company name)  planning for (anything with major cost, major feature release or big event)? 

Asking to call after a longer time frame mostly means that the prospect company is working on something big and important. This way you learn about the activity and have an outside chance to cross-sell, else you can make notes and bring it up on your next call.

15. I’m Not Interested

“It is understandable for you not to be interested. Please allow us to set up a more formal meeting. I could share the agenda by email.
 Along with that, I shall also attach a few customer success stories for your reference.
Let me know what you think.”
(If the reply is still no for the meeting then)
Would it be okay if I connect with you 3 months from now to check if your priorities with regards to (product category) have changed?

“I am not interested” is probably one of the most common responses SDRs receive. However, it is vital that you understand that they are not interested in your product or service right now.

This communication aims to generate curiosity about your product and book one meeting with this prospect.

Cold Calling Scripts For Pricing

16. What Is The Cost?

“That is an excellent question. To be able to present you with the best pricing, I will need to learn more about your use case, challenges and feature requirements. 
This could take 20 odd minutes. 
Let me know if we could continue or schedule a call later today.

Remember, you need to know the additional details of your prospect to identify where they fit.

Cold Calling Scripts To Tackle Gatekeepers

The job of gatekeepers is to filter out people who can get in touch with decision-makers. Example: a secretary, receptionist, personal assistant etc. They are excellent at cutting off calls that they feel are a waste of time. However, they are also directly in contact with the decision-makers and know a lot about your prospect. That knowledge might save you a ton of time and increase your total cold-call success rate.

Gatekeepers can often be impolite or even aggressive. When communicating with them, you should sound kind and professional. Here are two cold-calling scripts to assist you with using gatekeeper:

17. When Dealing With the Receptionist

Hello, this is Thor from Asgard Enterprises. Please connect me to “Odin” from  (the prospect department).
“Sure, just a moment.”
If the receptionist inquires, “For what is this?”
“Please inform them that Thor from Asgard is contacting them about (Odin’s challenges and Asgard’s potential solution for it)

This response aims to get an immediate introduction to the prospect department. Thus, saving you time explaining the reason for your call. By the way, Odin is the prospect, just in case you didn’t get it 😉

18. When Dealing With Administrative Assistants, Secretaries, And Other Screeners:

“Hello, (Gaea – gatekeeper name), this is Thor from Asgard. I was hoping to speak with Odin about a potential solution for (Odin’s pain point). However, I want to ensure it’s a good fit before taking up too much of their time. Can I ask you a few questions first?”
Gatekeeper answers, “Yes.”
“Great, thank you! I have three quick questions.
Firstly, when would be the best time to get in touch with Odin? Also, what is their preferred method of communication? Lastly, who typically makes decisions regarding “the pain point”?
I’m glad we spoke, Gaea. Thank you so much for your help.If Odin is free now, would it be possible to speak now?”

A gatekeeper will be more than happy to give you information once they know that you don’t want to waste the prospect’s time and are instead here to help.

Quick Responses for Common Objections from Gatekeepers

19. “They are not in town/roaming the universe”

That’s alright. May I know when Odin will be back at work?

20. Busy, call back later

No problem. When would be the best time to call Odin? My conversation with him will help with (prospects KPI)

21. When asked if the prospect is expecting your call

I had emailed Odin earlier informing him that I’d be reaching out to him today.

22. “Send me the details?”

Yes. I’d be happy to do that. But first, just to make sure the information is relevant and useful to Odin, I’ll need to ask him/her a few important questions. Could you connect me with them?

Cold Calling scripts to get Responses from Voicemail or Voice Notes 

23. For Follow-Ups After Sending A Cold Email

A. To Prospects Who Have Interacted With Your Cold Email

“Hello Sally, this is Lance calling from SmartReach.io. I noticed you recently visited our website after opening the email I sent you on Monday. It would be great to get in touch with you and learn more about any challenges you may be facing and how we can help.
In addition, I would like to share with you some of our customer success case studies.
Let me know if you have a few minutes to chat. You can give me a call at 1234-5678. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day!”

B. To Prospects Who Haven’t Opened Your Email Yet

Hi, Sally, this is Lance from SmartReach. I wrote you an email on Monday outlining how we can increase the number of sales meetings booked by 20% in six months. Did you have the opportunity to go through the case studies I shared with you? Incase you haven’t read them, you should. My email address is [email protected]/blog
If you are up for a quick call, I’m game. My number is 1234-5678.
In case you missed it, I’m Lance from SmartReach and my email address is [email protected]/blog

24. To Prospects Referred By An Acquaintance or Your Existing Customer

Hello, Sally. This is Lance from SmartReach.io. I was chatting with Thor from Asgard Enterprise about how SmartReach’s sales engagement platform can help [book 3x more appointments than our close competitors. He mentioned that you would also be interested.
I’d love to discuss working together on your demand generation campaigns. Feel free to contact me at 1234-5678 or email me at [email protected]/blog.

25. To Prospects On Getting A Reference From An Employee Of The Prospect’s Organisation

Hi, Sally. This is Lance from SmartReach.io. I spoke with Irina from your Marketing team, and she mentioned that you’re facing challenges getting emails delivered to the primary inbox of prospects.
While we are a sales engagement platform for outreach via email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Calls & SMS; our USP is email deliverability. We recently helped a client close a 6mn dollar deal using our platform. I believe we can help do the same for you.

If you’re interested, I would love to discuss this further. You can reach me at 1234-5678 or email me on [email protected]/blog
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

26. To Prospect By Using a Trigger Event

Hello, Jamie. This is Lance from SmartReach.io. I came across your post about your challenges while integrating CRM with cold email software. We have successfully helped numerous sales agencies in your region that use our cold email software to natively integrate with a CRM of their choice in 3 simple clicks. All this at budgeted prices, allowing them to work stress-free.
I’d love to have a brief conversation with you to discuss this further and explore if we could be of help. If you’re interested, please feel free to reach me at 1234-5678.
Hoping to hear from you soon

27. To Prospects on Making a Last Attempt To Connect 

Hello, Daniel. It’s Niel from SmartReach. I want to offer you [free software to get the email addresses of decision-makers in seconds and boost your conversions by up to 20% annually. I tried calling you several times but did not get a callback. Therefore, if I do not hear from you this time, I will assume you are not interested and move on.
If you’d like to discuss working together, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at 1234-5678.

These cold calling scripts will significantly boost your chances of getting clients’ responses, even if you leave it as a voicemail. 

If you’ve reached here then you’re serious about cold calling. You will do well irrespective of the above scripts.

To sum it up, above are 27 cold calling scripts SDRs can refer to when cold calling prospects. Remember, remember to tweak your scripts and make changes where you find fit. Once you’ve made enough cold calls, you’ll better understand what works and doesn’t.

Be open to rejections and objections and learn continuously.

The best salespeople have endured years of overcoming rejection and understanding what works and doesn’t. Finally, sales is a long-term play and its crux is building relationships. Hence focus on providing your prospects with genuine value, and be kind and courteous to every prospect because they will never forget how you treated them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are The Best Practices For Cold Calling?

Here are some of the top practices for getting better at cold calling: 

  • Get to know your potential client: Read about your prospect before getting on a call with them – prospecting 101! Go through their website, develop discussion starters, and prepare responses to any objections.
  • Take out the small talk: Communicate clearly and concisely. Always identify yourself, your designations, your company, and your purpose for contacting.
  • Listen intently: Be attentive to the prospect’s speech, tempo, and body language. Take notes if you are on call with them. This allows you to understand their concerns from a more nuanced perspective.
  • Qualifying is more critical than presenting: A cold call’s goal is to qualify the prospect and set up the next step, which is usually a meeting. Keep your “presentation” for the discovery or demo call instead.
  • Do not give up easily: Eight tries at making contact with a potential customer is about the norm. You have to keep testing until you find the proper person to talk to. When you believe it’s essential, leave a voicemail.

Instead of being a pushy salesman, you should come across as an approachable expert interested in helping your client solve their issue.

2. What Are Some Trigger Events In Cold Calling?

An ideal time to reach out to a prospect is when a “trigger event” occurs in either the target company or the prospect’s professional life. Examples of occurrences that might serve as triggers are:

  • Brand-new corporate customers: Many businesses often celebrate the landing of a significant client with press releases. Take advantage of the situation by expressing your delight at your prospect’s success.
  • Latest Merger: Congratulate them via phone on their recent merger or acquisition. Having this happen to an established client is ideal since it opens the door to making introductions further up the food chain.
  • Fresh Recruits: One of your buyer personas has recently started working at one of your target companies. They will need to demonstrate their value by testing novel items and methods.
  • New Funding: Congratulations on their newfound financial stability; it indicates that they have more discretionary funds to purchase your wares.

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