Ways to Improve Your Sales Conversion Rate Via Cold Outreach

We often encounter a situation where our conversion rate does not change much even though visitor influx is on the website. If you can resonate with this situation, do not worry, as you are not alone. We can use good conversion marketing to improve sales conversion for various online servicing websites. 

According to Statista’s report, till 2021, there were over 2.14 billion digital buyers. All these people worldwide expect to buy goods & services online. It shows an increase of 4.4 percent from the previous year.

So if you are wondering how to build a stellar sales rate on your website by increasing conversion, this article is for you. It will discuss what an excellent sales conversion rate is & ways to improve sales strategies to increase conversion rates.

What is a Good Sales Conversion Rate?

We can define conversion rates as the percentage of users or visitors that complete a specific activity or action on the website. Conversion works as the pivotal element in your paid search strategy. 

A good sales conversion rate lies between 5 to 11.5%. Across different industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35 percent. But the top 25 percent of companies are converting at 5.31 percent or higher. Again, if you break the top 10 percent of companies, these landing page conversion rates go 11.45 percent or even higher. 

However, according to IRP’s July 2021’s report, since the eCommerce industry is experiencing saturation, conversion rates that used to hover around 3 percent have gone downwards slightly, touching 1.7 percent. 

So, if enterprises want to improve sales conversion, they must follow strategies that increase conversion. In the subsequent section, we will discuss some pointers that can help increase the conversion rate.

Best Sales Strategies to Increase Conversion Rate

  • Video and Multimedia usage: Another way to improve sales conversion is by leveraging video clips and video-based content. in collaboration with the right AV equipment. Videos are a more interactive way to communicate with potential customers because they involve audio-visual aids that grabs attention. That is where prospects can engage with such content. Furthermore, if the video content is relatable to the prospect’s real-life problems or circumstances, it might help with the conversion rate. Often companies prefer videos to showcase their product usage and benefits through videos or highlight the ratings and reviews other users give for their services or products. Enhancing your sales strategies through visual content can significantly improve engagement and conversion rates. For those utilizing Adobe Premiere to create impactful video content, integrating a voiceover for Adobe Premiere can elevate your message, ensuring it resonates with your audience. A well-crafted voiceover can help delineate the core benefits of your product or service, turning viewers into potential buyers. To improve the engagement even further, you can consider utilizing unusual formats such as a flipbook, which can include not only videos but also a lot of interactive features.
  • Use the right leads instead of a lot of them: Every aspect of the business prefers quality over quantity. The same happens when working with a strategic goal to increase the conversion rate. Sales and marketing, work closely to ensure that the business receives the right leads so that they are most likely to convert. For this, the marketing team should analyze and identify the reasons prospects make their buying decision for various products or services.
  • Strong Call to Action (CTA): Numerous sales and marketing experts recommend a clear and optimized call to action in website content to increase conversion rate. My Supplement Store’s Jennifer Neylon says, “We have found that adding clear  CTA or Call to Action throughout our content has resulted in improved sales conversions rates.” A Call to Action (CTA) can be a button, hyperlink, or any other website content element that triggers the audience to go to the product page or registration page. Google research found that to improve sales conversion through CTA, the most viewable CTA position is not at the top of the website’s page but at the top right side. “Sign Up,” “Start a trial,” or “Book a Demo” are some popular CTAs that brands use to increase conversion.
  • Install SSL Certificate: Companies cannot think of selling something to their potential buyers without pulling appropriate information from the buyer, such as bank details, user ID, phone number, etc. Therefore, secure transmission of data over the HTTP protocol is evident. The conversion rate significantly depends on the number of buyers who purchased your product or services compared to the total website visitors. Customers are aware that sharing their details online can be dangerous. SSL certificates ensure that your site is secure for transactions. It can be done with a single domain, wildcard SSL certificate & multi-domain SSL certificate. Hence, every customer prefers SSL-encrypted websites so that hackers cannot grab their information. Once implemented, an SSL certificate needs to be monitored, maintained and updated in order to ensure it is functioning as intended. If something does go awry, this guide on how to fix SSL certificate errors will help you with your troubleshooting efforts. Being proactive in addressing issues will ensure your site is secure and consistently usable in one fell swoop.
  • Provide and Improvise Live Chat Support: Often customers want to know more about the product or service directly from the business executives or agents. Other than smart chatbots, enterprises should also include live chat support. Often automated bots cannot help provide the exact information. Redirecting the chat option to the live customer care agent & skilled sales professional can help increase the conversion rate & boost the business revenue. Since live customer chat support through various communication mediums also increases brand value and customers’ trust in the company. Hence, the more the customers have trust in you, the more the chances of sales. Interestingly, effective tools like Sendbird can significantly help to improve this process. With Sendbird’s development toolkit, developers can integrate powerful chat functionality into their apps. It doesn’t just foster better communication, but can effectively enhance app engagement, providing a richer, more interactive experience for your users, eventually leading to a higher sales conversion rate.”
  • Enhance User Experience (UX): For improving sales conversion through websites, it is essential to perform web optimization & consumer research and simplify the entire interface to boost user experience. Elizabeth Weatherby of Youtech says, “We can learn a lot when we look at our website analytics, click paths, heat maps, and more, to learn about where on our site we can make updates and optimizations to improve the online buying experience.” Analytics and various web metrics can help understand which section of the website needs changes to better assist users in increasing conversion.
Best Sales Strategies to Increase Conversion Rate
  • Create a Social Presence: Social presence is another excellent way to improve sales conversion by interacting with prospects. Social media company pages and platforms are perfect ways to promote services & products and increase brand visibility. Likes on your company page posts help increase visibility. Similarly, comments on posts help interested customers buy any product or service by actively engaging in conversations around it. Such social presence gives a sense of reassurance about their purchasing decision.
  • Use Sales CRM: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) becomes an excellent tool to manage all customer queries and tractions under one umbrella. Often it becomes overwhelming (especially in busy weeks) to keep track of the leads and customer details without an appropriate customer management solution. That is where sales CRM can better track potential customer leads & confirm no customer lead gets slipped through the cracks. Sales CRMs offer features like setting reminders to catch potential leads on due time, notifying customers through emails, keeping track of sales discounts, etc. All these strategies help increase conversion in sales.

  • Cold Outreach to Marketing Qualified Leads: Cold outreach is one of the most effective ways to generate leads. Before starting a cold outreach, some research has to be done about their company, industry, their role, and pain point as these would help with email personalization. Personalization can be done with help of merge tags. A cold email has to be short and to the point and it should provide value to the prospect. SmartReach.io provides multichannel outreach where communication can be done through different channels such as email, Linkedin, Whatsapp, SMS and call. Multichannel outreach increases the chances to get a response from the prospect.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Another excellent way to improve sales conversion is by providing multiple payment choices. Customers will more like purchase any product or service if they get a payment option that suits their preferences. Some prefer digital wallets and cryptocurrencies, while others use cards or online payment services like PayPal. For those opting for cryptocurrency, using the best Ethereum wallet can enhance security and ease of transactions. Increasing various payment modes will decrease the chance of potential buyers getting away from the middle of a payment process.


We hope this article highlighted some significant pointers on increasing conversion rates. There are numerous other strategies & approaches one can use to boost sales and convert potential leads into effective sales. All the mentioned strategies are excellent ways to improve sales conversion rates through the business website.

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