Why and how should you follow up on your cold emails ?

Follow up on your cold emails

A lot of people like you may falsely assume the reason why you had a response to a follow up on your cold email is because their emailing skill is superb or their email is unique.

In most cases, the true reason why people who avoided responding to your first cold email replied back to your follow-up email is very simple: It’s all about timing!

It probably just so occurred that the prospect found the initial email when they were too preoccupied or distracted by something that prevented them from reacting. Therefore it failed to register with them.

After that they got a follow up on your cold email, which was sent at a nicer time, a period when the recipient had the interest, attention and time to understand your pitch and respond to your email.

In case your prospects read your initial email and made a decision that they will not consider your proposal, then nothing you may say in a follow-up email will probably change that.

Magic Happens in Follow Up!

It’s a proven fact that The follow-up is where game changes. It’s like everyone else had stopped running, and you’re the only person moving to the goal post. It does not matter how sluggish you are–you are headed to win because every person else has stopped running.

When you’ve a positive conversation with someone in which they showed interest in your pitch but ceased responding to you further, don’t just let them go, keep following up until you obtain a result whether it’s a yes or a no.

If you don’t get a response to your cold email, halt at 3 to 4 follow-ups, and move on to more receptive prospective customers.

Strategy to follow up on your cold emails:

1. Send out your Introductory email.

2. After 1 Day, Preferably at a different time: Follow-up 1

This follow-up email should be a slightly varied version of your first email. It may speak} the same message, just in a different writing style. For example, if you made a long first email with lots of paras make sure this one is a bit summarized and so the vice versa. Don’t move on writing something completely new. Avoid attachments.

3. 2 Days after your second email: Follow-up 2

Forget describing or paraphrasing anything. Just concisely restate your call to action. You can request your recipient to introduce you to the right person in their firm, to respond to your email or to schedule a call –whatever your desired call to action may be. You could say, “Hello Prospect, Remember me? when will be a good time so that we can discuss this on a short 10-minute call? How about Thursday or Wednesday 11 a.m.? “

4. 4 to 5 days after your third email: Follow-up 3

It’s usually a break-up email. It’s an email when you say goodbye to the prospect, hoping that the psychology to minimize losses is more strong than one to gain will work in your favor and by chance the prospect may respond. It all depends on you, you can add another follow-up email before the good bye email, but experts wouldn’t recommend pursuing up after four times.

What I have shared here aren’t rules to Why & How to Follow up on your Cold Emails, but just guidelines, and it’s your duty to use these guidelines for improving the cold emailing campaign performance of your startup. Search for Best Cold emailing templates at Smartreach.

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