What to Do When You Get an Interested Reply to Your Cold Email?

Cold Email: Understand your prospect’s intentions

Try to presume what they expect from you.

Do they need more info or a doubt needs to be cleared or do they even understand what is your product all about?

This brainstorming will help you understand that Are they indeed your ideal prospects?

Respond as quickly as possible

If you respond immediately, you’re creating the sense of live human-to-human conversation. We at Smartreach reply within minutes, now that’s impressive isn’t it?

Keep it about them

Don’t get overexcited about presenting your solution’s awesome features. Keep the discussion about them, try to listen to understand as much as possible. Allow them to build some individual context for your offer.

Stay personal

In further communication Make sure to add a personal touch and let them feel they’re talking to a living and breathing person.

Don’t pour on them everything you have

Make sure the most attractive offer should be perfectly adjusted to your prospect’s individual business goals.

Don’t send them a full offer, all your features listed, an infographic, a link to your calendar, and a PDF attached, they may feel like it’s to too much for them to digest. Consider simplifying your presentation by using visuals designed by WordPress chart plugin, to convey information more effectively.

Answer their question

If your prospects have some specific questions make sure you give them answers, or encourage them to ask more questions if something needs clarification.

It’s perfectly alright to keep the conversation on email for a longer time. When the time is right for a call, you’ll know it. Don’t force it

Don’t push them to buy

You should make them feel that they need and want your product or service.

This can best be done by focusing the whole selling process entirely on them and showing them how they can employ your solution to reach their business goals

Don’t expect self-service from them

Some prospects will proceed by themselves. They will sign up for a trial or schedule a demo in your calendar, but most of them will wait for your initiative.

They’re at the very beginning. They probably haven’t done any research yet. They might even not know how your solution is going to help them exactly.

It’s your job to take your prospect’s hand and show them around. They need your attention.

Always define the next step

Each of your Cold Email, or phone conversations, should end with a clearly defined next step.

Make sure your prospect knows what you are going to do and clearly understand what they should do before your next contact.

This way they’ll know what they can expect from you.

As you will conversate with interested prospects over Cold Email, the better you’ll be at decoding their intentions, listening to them, and adjusting your offer to their needs.

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