What is cold email marketing?!!

Cold emailing is harder than most communication for two reasons. You have no relationship with
your audience yet, and you lack non-verbal feedback, so you can’t modify your approach in real
time. As a result, most cold emails fail. But they can work well. People have built careers and
launched start-ups with little more than cold emails. There isn’t much research work done on cold
email, though Shane snow did an interesting experiment for his book Smartcuts . He sent 1,000 cold
emails to executives and got almost no response. So he tried again with a smaller slice of the same
group and got better results by applying a few principles that line up with my extensive cold email
experience and some great advice from people.
An effective cold email does five things. It should:
1. Validate yourself: When we meet a stranger or get an email from one, we want to know who
that person is and why that person matters to us. Remember that when you’re the stranger.
You have already done a bunch of research on the people you’re emailing, but they don’t
know anything about you. You need to know to show them you’re credible and they can
trust you. Knowing someone in common is the strongest form of social proof you can offer.
If you have connection mention that. A mutual friend means you are no longer strangers. If
you have any authority, credibility or social status that is relevant to this person and your
request, mention it quickly. The more important you are, the more likely you are to get a
2. Alleviate your audience’s pain or give them something they want: why should the recipient
care about your email? Why should this busy person take time to respond to it? If you have
done research and found a major pain point of recipient, and you can offer relief, highlight
that. If you can’t solve a problem, give people something they want. Offer to connect them
with someone they’d like to meet.
3. Keep it short, easy and actionable : The opportunity to help someone is very enjoyable for a
lot of people. The more shorter and crisp it is the more you are going to get the response.
4. Be appreciative and a little vulnerable- You are asking someone who does not know you are
for a favour. By expressing gratitude and some vulnerability, you give them the feeling that
they are good person if they choose to help. You also give them a little rush of power and
status , because you’re approaching them.
There are a lot of businesses that are excelling due to cold email marketing strategy. In the past
epoch , direct mail and cold calling have been top of the funnel marketing methods for businesses
attempting to acquire new customers. The problem with cold calling is that it is time consuming and
virtually impossible to get the prospects on the phone. Direct mail used to be effective, but now
executives spend most of their days checking email. You can send thousands of emails in minutes to
generate massive demand for your product or service. Thus we can clearly define cold email
marketing as a strategy that concerns sending marketing offers to people who have never emailed
with us before. This is clearly becoming supremely active part of the businesses. An outreach platform for growth teams. Book 3X more sales meetings.


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