10 Best Ways to Convert Site Visitors Into Repeat Customers

Attracting traffic to your business website is insufficient to convert site visitors. To maximize profits, ensuring these visitors interact with your website and become repeat customers is crucial.

Presently, the average global conversion rate is just above 2%. So, go beyond driving traffic to your website and apply different strategies to increase conversions

Here we will discuss the 10 best ways to convert site visitors into repeat customers.

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Ways to Convert Site Visitors Into Repeat Customers

There are several ways to convert site visitors into repeat customers. The most exciting aspect is that you can implement multiple strategies simultaneously. It is not advisable to limit yourself to only one option.  

Here are 10 ways to convert site visitors into repeat customers.

1. Use Exit-Intent Popups

Exit-intent popups give your customers a second opportunity to make a purchase. You can use these pop-up boxes to share promotions, discount coupon codes or QR codes, and special offers to visitors about to leave your website.

The Attrock expert guide explored how to stop visitors from leaving your website and increase your sales conversion rate. 

Incorporating interactive and aesthetically pleasing pop-ups is one of the ways to convert site visitors into repeat customers. Below is an excellent example of an aesthetically pleasing popup.

Image via Press

Your popups can also offer access to gated content or include a spinning wheel. This can help you increase customer engagement and improve the user experience.2.

2. Invest in Retargeting Ads

Visitors who leave your website are not permanently lost customers. You can leverage retargeting strategies on social media to nudge them to revisit your website.

For instance, you may have come across ads like this on Instagram:

Image via Instagram

You can use this strategy to target customers who purchased from your website or browsed through it. You can also target those who added items to their shopping cart.

3. Add Social Proofs

People often trust the online experiences shared by others. In fact, WikiJob A/B tested social proof and got a 34% increase in conversions.

In addition to marketing, you can embed Google reviews. You can also use other customers’ real experiences to get more sales. 

Social proof elements like reviews, customer testimonials, business credentials, and celebrity endorsements also improve sales.

Image via Udemy

4. Cross-Sell Products

When you browse a product on Amazon, you’ll also come across recommendations for similar products. It also provides insights into other products frequently purchased together.

Image via Amazon

Personalizing these recommendations enhances customer engagement. It also increases their awareness of other products, thereby boosting sales. 

You can also use your website visitors’ purchase and browsing history to retarget campaigns and up-sell and cross-sell products.

5. Segment Your Website Visitors

As a business, you have multiple buyer personas, including behavior, location, occupation, and language. So, you need to create different content strategies for each persona.

Group your visitors into individual segments. This will help you optimize your strategies and boost customer engagement.

6. Use Loyalty and Referral Programs

You can reward existing customers by offering loyalty and referral programs. You can also attract website visitors by showcasing the benefits they can receive from these programs. 

Provide them with exclusive access to time-sensitive deals and discounts, spin-the-wheel offers, or gift coupons. This will encourage existing customers to repeat purchases and entice new website visitors to try your product or service.

You can use slide-ins or pop-ups on your website. You can also create a dedicated page with details about the program like this:

Image via 48 Bowl

7. Add a Live Chat and AI Chatbot

Implementing a live chat and AI chatbot feature enhances the authenticity of your website. This feature enables you to solve your customers’ issues or answer website visitors’ inquiries immediately. 

These tools take care of some of the simpler customer queries. That way, you can reduce the workload of your customer service team by directing more complex issues to them via live chat. 

With live chat, you can interact with customers on your website in real time. It’s one of the best ways to convert site visitors into repeat customers because it helps build trust and loyalty.

You can also use branching in your live chat tool. For example, you can implement if/then branches that respond to users’ inputs or questions. This creates flows that guide customers through your sales funnel. Here’s an example:

Image via Ruffwear

You can also personalize the messaging in your chat box to pique your website visitor’s interest. For example, you can customize different messages for first-time visitors and returning customers.

8. Create Landing Pages

Prioritize both your homepage and landing page. You can create dedicated landing pages for ad campaigns with relevant information about your offerings. 

Here’s an example from Calm:

Image via Calm

Prioritizing the homepage and landing page enables you to launch and connect a Google ad for a particular product to your landing page. 

Doing so takes your visitors to the page, encouraging them to quickly scan through and take a preferred action. This helps boost conversion and retention. 

9. Automate Abandoned Cart Emails

The most recent statistics show that the global cart abandonment rate is 70%. Implementing abandoned cart automation is an effective strategy to reduce cart abandonment. 

Sending reminder emails to customers to nudge them to complete a purchase is also effective. Other ways to convert site visitors into repeat customers include adding more payment gateway options, a progress indicator, and allowing guest checkout. 

Optimize your website to ensure visitors have a seamless navigation experience. Use exit-intent pop-up surveys at checkout to ask what you can do to improve your website. 

Ask visitors about any challenges they encountered while placing an order. Request feedback on information they think might need to be included.

This helps you identify any gaps in your process so you can make improvements.

10. Use Visual Content

Visual content resonates better with website visitors than just text. In fact, 87% of marketers say that video has helped increase their sales. 

Including high-quality videos and images on your website is another effective way to convert site visitors into repeat customers. 

You can add video ads and clear pictures on your product pages. This clearly demonstrates the functionality and appearance of your products to visitors. However, ensuring the details are clear and concise is crucial.

To Wrap It Up

Converting site visitors into repeat customers takes time and planning. Experimenting with multiple strategies can help you find the one that suits your customers.

You can use exit-intent popups, retargeting ads, social proof, cross-selling, segmenting, and loyalty and referral programs.

You can create a separate landing page, add a live chat, use clear visuals, and automate cart abandonment emails.

With these tips, you can convert your site visitors into repeat customers. Share the specific test you conducted and the outcomes in the comments section.

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