Find recruiter emails, templates, automate job applications & follow-ups

Free job application software for students. Find recruiters based on designation, location etc. Automation gives extra time to upgrade skills or run mock interviews.

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How to get your dream job?

To land a dream job takes a lot of perseverance, self-awareness and creativity. Create an ideal job profile, research companies that fit and send job applications to recruiters from those companies. It is simple!

How it Works ?

Profiling & Prospecting


  • Finding a company that aligns with your career goals
  • Identify companies that have specific job openings
  • No clarity on when to start applying
  • Find emails of job recruiters or internship managers


ProspectDaddy - Email finder for recruiter email addresses

  • Search for hiring managers on Linkedin based on ideal company & job profile
  • Identity recruiters using Linkedin’s filter (and advance filter)
  • Get hiring managers email, Linkedin profile, etc of all Linkedin search results
  • Add data to SmartReach and start your job outreach campaign


  • Save hours trying to network or find email addresses.
  • Applications to hiring managers based on your “field of studies” or “research” increases the chances of landing your dream job. - company research - features

Communication for Job Application Outreach


  • Unaware of writing etiquette for cover letters & resumes
  • No response to application emails from companies
  • Sending and follow-ups with multiple recruiters is tedious and painful
  • Missed taking action on application response received


  • Personalize emails sequence using merge tags for recruiter name, company, etc
  • Free Templates: Ready-to-use email templates for job applications
  • Auto pause email application sequence if a recruiter responds


  • More time for project submissions or to upgrade skills
  • Unlimited campaigns help personalize job applications to multiple industries
  • Email deliverability feature send the application to recruiters primary inbox
  • Automation reduces the chances of manual errors



  • No Linkedin presence or network connections
  • Most companies prefer internal referrals
  • Unaware of communication channels to apply & track applications


  • Multichannel Outreach: Automate job applications via email & Linkedin
  • ProspectDaddy: Get recruiters’ emails, designations, Linkedin profile links etc
  • Get attention of recruiters via Linkedin tasks like View Profile & Connect Request
  • Linkedin Outreach: Introduce and seek referrals via Linkedin “Send Message”
  • Task manager helps build connections with recruiters and industry experts
  • One Inbox for all channels for quick and smart conversation


  • Automation helps you reach as many recruiters as possible.
  • Increase chances to get your profile reviewed and land an interview
  • Task manager ensures you do not miss any outreach opportunities or tasks
  • Single inbox for emails and Linkedin responses - job application outreach

job outreach plan

The job (internship) outreach plan is designed for undergrad students or business school students entering the workforce. SmartReach values the long term contribution of students; hence the Job Outreach Plan absolutely FREE.

Plan NameJob Application Outreach
Number of sending email accounts
Total recruiters (emails) you can contact per month300
Daily email sending limit 50
Multichannel Outreach
Task Manager
LinkedIn - View Profile
LinkedIn - Connect Request
LinkedIn - Send Linkedin Message
LinkedIn - Send InMail
Number of Campaigns
Number of Follow Ups
Intelligent reply detection and follow-up pausing
Use different send & receive email accounts
Personalisation with merge tags
Advanced personalisation with liquid syntax
Advanced scheduling
Create & share templates with team
A/B Testing
Editable preview
Email Safety
Campaign Soft-Start
Spam Test Reports
Empty merge-tag detection
Email throttling & human-like sending
Reports & Analytics
Open, click, reply & opt-out tracking
A/B testing report
Templates report
Best Time to Send report
Email finder integrations
ProspectDaddy Email Finder credits per month50, Uplead, Clearbit, Anymail Finder, DropContact, Aeroleads
Customer Support
Email & Call Support
Chat Support

Internship Job outreach plan is designed for business school students to apply for jobs (internships jobs, contract jobs or permanent jobs). Students should avoid using it for any other activity. Violation of this term would lead to permanent suspension of the account.

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