SalesLoft alternative to build a healthy sales pipeline

Tired of clunky integrations and non-existent customer support? Scale your meetings booked quotas with unlimited sending emails and advanced scheduling features

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Why is SmartReach the best SalesLoft alternative?

Goodbye to Half-baked integrations

Native integration with top CRMs like Salesforce (SFDC), HubSpot, PipeDrive, and Zoho CRM

Keep your CRM data updated with two-way real-time sync

Build complex workflows with guidance from our expert team

Smooth data migration to avoid quota setback  

Full onboarding assistance for initial 2 months

Start a campaign in 5 easy steps

On call support for data migration

Automate Omni-channel engagement

Cold email automation with unlimited sending emails

Full LinkedIn automation

Power dialer for cold calling

AI-generated personalized content

End to unresponsive customer support

Guaranteed baseline uptime of 99.5% 

Support available 6-days a week with SLAs on queries

Customer response time recorded in MMM-YY was 5.45 mins

Global compliance & security standards 

SOC 2 Type II Certified 

Google OAuth Security Assessment Certified

Two factor authentication for team members helps Sales Leaders avoid missed opportunities and achieve their quotas

Performance at a glance

Drill down on the team’s outreach activities and cadences

Monitor and prioritise deals based on value from Deal Grid report

Use Prospect Category report to analyse campaign level prospecting quality

Enhance communication quality

Complete visibility on all team communication with prospects

Improve team performance with top-performing template sharing

Identify lapses or miscommunication and coach teams members into Superstars

Never miss opportunities and increase collaboration

Shared Inbox gives a centralized view for better collaboration and faster responses

Get interaction insights to analyze from A/B Test and Sequence performance reports

Track the sales pipeline and get real-time response notifications to prioritize high-value deals

Monitor sales operations actively

Track the sales process and pipeline using a single platform's workflows

Receive regular reports on API, CRM, and Webhook integration performance

Monitor email health to identify bad deliverability by tracking warm-up emails sent to inbox, spam, or other folders.

Dependable, yet affordable

Get SLAs on support queries, server uptimes and email sending

Tailored  enterprise plans for your specific needs

50% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to SalesLofth

Help us understand your requirements to see if we fit your use-case

SmartReach helps SDRs become productive and save up to 12 hours a week

Multi-channel sales engagement via email, Linkedin, Calls, WhatsApp & Text with unlimited automated cadence or manual tasks

Avoid repetitive, manual LinkedIn outreach with end to end LinkedIn automation

AI-generated content and subject lines to create compelling emails based on your audience inputs.

User-friendly UX and quick support to setup campaigns in no time

Track Reply Sentiments and prioritise follow-up with Shared Inbox 

Powerful features we offer


Engage with prospects at multiple touch points

Shared Inbox

For increased collaboration

Manage Prospects

Keep track of all leads

Reply sentiment

Put the efforts in the right direction


Automate cold outreach followups

Reports & Analytics

Detailed insights to your sales pipeline

CRM integration

Integrate and sync

Content AI

Create engaging content

Email Deliverability

Land in the primary inbox

Inbox Rotation

Send from multiple email accounts

Task Manager

Dont miss any tasks

Security & Compliance

Enterprise level security