Create a healthy pipeline and close more sales

Focus on key leads to close deals faster and consistently crush your quota.

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Sales reps use SmartReach to grow the pipeline and accelerate sales closures

Get more sales by detecting and addressing risky deals early. Contribute more to the overall health of your sales pipeline by making reliable sales forecasts and keeping your leadership in the loop all the times.

Efficiently manage your leads and opportunities with SmartReach

When the sales team works together, the pipeline progresses. Sales development managers use SmartReach to ensure sales reps are productive and create opportunities at scale


Lead qualification & nurturing

Nurture relationships and resolve queries through automated follow-ups, phone calls or engage with qualified leads on social media

Create compelling AI-generated communication like proposal notes, and negotiations emails at the click of a button

Gather client feedback through email surveys and forms, to understand client satisfaction and areas for improvement.


Advance sales pipeline

Prioritize qualified leads, assess their potential, and strategize on ways to advance them through the sales pipeline

Analyze the sales pipeline to pinpoint the current stage of leads and track their progress

Based on the lead advancement, update sales forecasts for the upcoming weeks


Evaluate pipeline opportunities

Reviewing conversion rates, deal velocity, and sales cycle length to track pipeline progression

Evaluate the status of all pipeline opportunities, including stalled deals that need attention

Self-assessment of monthly performance to refine sales strategies and techniques

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Customers Say

Set the stage for a rewarding sales career with effective pipeline management

Have better visibility, win more deals, and be your team “closing specialist” to manage deals successfully.

Nurture Qualified Leads

Automate Follow-up

Set up timely reminders and auto-deal closure follow-ups with sales-qualified leads across multi-channel, keeping them warm and engaged

Personalized Outreach

Complete multichannel automation to send tailored messages at scale. Customized templates and auto follow-up sequences boost engagement and win rates

Calling to close

In-built calling facility to engage and respond to inquiries from sales-qualified leads. Sales leaders can barg-in on a live call to listen to the conversation and guide the team on closure tactics

Closing the Deal

Spot Positive Deals

Identify positive deals with reply sentiment and rigorously follow-up to close deals faster

Complete Context

Get the entire sales conversation of leads from the prospect feed section with notes, tags, and their status to close deals effectively

Virtual Meetings

SmartReach provides its own calendar app to identify available Account Executives and integrates with video conferencing tools, making it easier for you to close deals faster.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline Visibility

SmartReach offers better pipeline visibility. You can track and spot bottlenecks and prioritize actions accordingly

Deal Tracking

SmartReach offers in-depth email analytics, including open rates, click-through rates, and prospect engagement, helping you pinpoint interested prospects for targeted follow-up

Collaboration & Notes

Collaborative features for you to share pipeline insights, add CRM updates, and keep data current and accessible to the team.

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