Confidently lead a sales development team of “SuperStars”

Build systems, execute strategies, and analyse performance to manage a team of consistent sales performers efficiently.

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Sales Development Leaders use SmartReach to consistently hit their quotas

To build a healthy sales pipeline filled with ready-to-close deals, Sales Development Leaders need to ensure their team is productive, efficient, and collaborative.

Streamline all your tasks, boost sales results, and provide valuable insights for effective team management - Become the “Sales Leader of the Year”

Use SmartReach to build a consistent and predictable sales system

Daily Analysis

Assess outreach, prioritize deals & track lead volumes

Drill down on the team's outreach activities like email, calls, tasks, accounts, or prospects added

Monitor pipeline progression to identify bottlenecks or opportunities at risk and prioritizes deals

Analyse the prospecting quality of your team at a campaign level

Weekly Analysis

Assess prospect quality and coach the team

Identify team members in need of coaching based on drill-down of campaign-level insights

Forecast accurately & deep dive into the quality of prospecting with auto-reply sentiments

Celebrate performers and share performing communication templates

Quarterly Analysis

Optimize sales funnel and workflows

Get funnel insights to improve pipeline creation and benchmark team performance

Analyze campaign insights to optimize sequences and content messaging

Analyze issues affecting the sales flow such as CRM, API, and Webhook integrations

What Our
Customers Say

Accelerate sales pipeline growth

When the sales team works together, the pipeline progresses. Sales development managers use SmartReach to ensure sales reps are productive and create opportunities at scale

Foster Productivity

Get rid of manual, repetitive tasks run by your reps towards personalised human-like automation with workflows, reminders and ease of managing multiple teams.

Onboard new sales reps in less than 10 mins. Simple campaign creation flow and detailed documentation turn them into Sales Superstars in a few weeks

Ease-to-share templates or content that's worked. Shared team inbox helps coach in real time

Simple, one-click integrations of CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot and others reduce dependency on integration experts.

Create Opportunities

Insights and analytics to optimize sales processes, drill down into performance to better coach sales reps and identify systems & integrations which impact sales flow

The entire team can read & respond to prospects, so no leads fall through the cracks. Identify and prioritize leads most likely to churn or book meetings

Easy handover of leads to Account Executives to minimize delays or miscommunications.

Sales reps can easily share notes, documents, take approvals and tasks for faster response to sales inquiries

Execute at Scale

Automate unlimited multi-channels campaigns and sequences by Email, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Calls & Text. Full Email and Linkedin automation so no more manual task

Auto-stop campaigns on detection of prospect replies, unsubscribes, and meetings booked or flagged for deliverability issues

Unlimited workflows to move prospects between campaigns or communication channels

Calendar & schedule meeting option with rotational feature to identify available reps and book slots

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