TerraBoost Media

Learn how TerraBoost Media has made tens of thousands of deals, by using SmartReach.io

Turner Rollins
: Marketing Innovation Manager, Terraboost Media

The feedback that I get from our sales reps is that they love SmartReach.io.

Could you tell me what Terraboost Media does and what do you do there?

Terraboost media is a hand sanitizer advertising company. It makes hand sanitisation stations for brands all across the United States like CBS and then we sell advertising to local businesses on those hand sanitizing stations so they reach people in their local community. My role is mainly in marketing and sales operations.

We use SmartReach.io so we can help generate better leads for our salespeople.

Could you tell us about how you achieve sales automation at Terraboost Media?

We use Seamless AI to help collect lead data along with Linkedin Sales Navigator. So those two work together and then salesforce is where you know everything sort of lives. We use SmartReach.io to reachout to our prospects for the information we accumulated with these services.

How many accounts do you currently have with SmartReach.io?

We initially started off with 10 user accounts and then increased them over time as we saw the effectiveness of the campaigns to our business.

We currently have more than 75 accounts with SmartReach.io

Have you used a similar tool to smartreach.io before this? Which tools have you used and why did you make a move from that tool to SmartReach.io?

Yes we used Frontspin for a while but we like SmartReach.io’s ability to give you centralized control to the email marketing. That was a huge plus for us to be able to control messaging, campaigns and the send limits at one place.

You use Salesforce extensively for your use case. Could you tell us how your experience has been to set-up the workflows and syncing the data from and to Salesforce?

I think the integration process and the workflow automation that SmartReach.io provides has been very good, it's been really smooth and simple. In general I am less on the side of setting up integration workflows and everything, but when we first setup the Salesforce integration in SmartReach, it took less than a day to get it all together. It went great from my standpoint.

Do you have any issues with email deliverability after using smartreach.io?

We don’t actually. We do see some bounce-backs coming once in a while but it's nice to be able to track them though. Yeah of course we want to improve our reputation and make sure we're doing everything we can to keep them out of here but at least we have visibility and we can see if something bad has happened.

We especially like the Spam Test Reports that you provide. We have an email address where I think the DNS was not set up right for it. So the report gave this information to us. We went back, stopped the campaign, fixed the DNS issue and got the campaigns back up and going.

We probably can utilize that feature more when we're setting up campaigns originally than we do now.

We especially like the Spam Test Reports that you provide.

Which Features in SmartReach.io do you think makes your job easy?

The main thing I would say is the ability to run multiple campaigns at once and make a single change and make it applicable for all the campaigns. Specifically the template updation where we make the update in one campaign and it gets reflected in all the campaigns that this template is used. This reduces our workload a lot and improves our productivity.

The feedback that I get from our sales reps is that they love SmartReach.io. They have like tens of thousands of deals being made because of the emails we are sending out from SmartReach.io”. It's definitely functioning well for our business.

Anything additional you are looking for?

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