How did Sales COR boost demo bookings by 20% and cut operational man hours by half?


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In the busy world of marketing and professional services, Sales COR faced a big challenge—getting the word out efficiently. They were stuck in a tangle of manual work and disconnected processes that slowed them down. Logo

Read how turned things around, becoming the driving force that took Sales COR to new heights of success.

Unveiling the Challenge - Navigating Manual Struggles and Operational Hurdles

Prior to SmartReach, Sales COR faced substantial hurdles with manual outreach efforts. Frequent mailbox disconnects required restarting entire sequences, a process deemed "quite a headache." This operational bottleneck prompted Sales COR to seek an advanced solution capable of streamlining their processes.

As they recall, "Our operations team spent between one to two hours per day enrolling contacts, and sometimes mailboxes would disconnect, requiring the entire sequence to be restarted," leading to inefficiencies.

The SmartReach Transition - Streamlining for Success

With a commitment to overcoming these challenges, Sales COR transitioned to, marking a pivotal moment in their journey. The integration with HubSpot offered a seamless prospect synchronization process. The platform's streamlined workflow not only enhanced convenience but also brought about a notable reduction in time spent on operational tasks.

As Sales COR emphasizes, " significantly reduced manual work, allowing us to focus on managing mailboxes. It streamlined our workflow, enhancing convenience and reliability," allowing the team to focus on managing mailboxes.

Revolutionizing Outreach - From Challenges to Impressive Results

The transition to didn't just resolve challenges; it propelled Sales COR to achieve impressive results. Notably, the MQL to Discovery Call conversion ratio soared from 55% to an outstanding 70%-75%, surpassing industry benchmarks. This quantifiable improvement underscored the transformative impact of on Sales COR's outreach strategy, resulting in tangible business success.

MQL to Discovery Call conversion ratio

As Sales COR proudly asserts, "With Smartreach, we increased our MQL to Discovery Call conversion ratio from 55% to 70%-75%, above benchmark."

Responsive Support and Continuous Evolution - Partnering for Growth

Sales COR found more than just a tool; they found a responsive and supportive partner in Despite a significant time zone difference, the customer support team's average response time of approximately 10 minutes highlighted their efficiency and commitment. This level of support became instrumental in Sales COR's ongoing success, fostering a collaborative partnership.

The customer support at Smartreach is highly recommended. They respond promptly and efficiently, despite the significant time zone difference. Proactivity and efficiency define our interactions.

Transformative Advice for Future Explorers

Reflecting on their journey, Sales COR emphatically recommends to businesses seeking automated strategies with a high volume of prospects. The standout feature, integration with CRM (HubSpot), streamlined operations, optimizing manual work.

"I would recommend SmartReach to those seeking an automated strategy with a high volume of prospects to contact per month," highlighting the standout integration feature.

This recommendation is grounded in their experience, where became not just a solution but a catalyst for growth, efficiency, and unparalleled success.

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