Top 7 Phone Number Lookup Services (Free + Paid)

Phone number lookup services have become essential for sales reps and recruiters seeking to connect with potential clients or candidates. 

A study by Sales Insights Lab found that 41% of sales reps consider phone calls the most effective sales tool. This stat shows how invaluable correct phone number information can be for running outbound calling campaigns to generate sales leads.

In this article, we will review the top phone number lookup tools, their features, and help you choose the right tool for your specific needs

What is a phone number lookup service?

A phone number lookup service, also known as a reverse phone number lookup service, is an online tool that allows users to find information about a person or business by entering a specific phone number. 

These services work by searching through databases of public records, social media profiles, and other online sources to provide details such as the owner’s name, address, phone number, and potentially more. 

Essentially, they reverse the traditional phone directory process, hence the term “reverse lookup.” 

For small sales teams, these tools are quite valuable for verifying lead information, discovering additional contact details, and preparing for calls with added background knowledge.

What kind of information do the phone number lookup tools provide?

Here are the kind of information that most phone number lookup services provide –

  1. Contact Details

Phone number lookup services reveal essential contact details associated with a given phone number. This includes the owner’s name, address, and most of the time additional information like email addresses.

  1. Caller Identification

When an unknown number calls, these services can quickly identify the caller helping you determine whether it’s a potential lead, an existing customer, or an irrelevant call.

  1. Reverse Lookup

When you input a phone number into these tools, they find out who it belongs to. This is especially useful when you have a missed call or need to verify a contact’s identity.

  1. Spam and Fraud Detection

Some services flag spam or fraudulent numbers, helping you avoid wasting time on irrelevant or potentially harmful calls.

  1. Geolocation

Phone number lookup tools often provide geolocation data, showing where the number is registered. This can help sales reps tailor their approach based on regional context.

  1. Social Media Profiles

Some advanced services can link phone numbers to social media profiles, giving you additional insights into a prospect’s interests and preferences.

  1. Business Information

Some lookup services provide details about the company associated with a phone number. This includes the company name, industry, and sometimes even the size of the organization. 

  1. Number Activity

Some phone number lookup tools offer call history data, showing when the number was last active or whether it frequently changes hands. This helps you gauge the prospect’s engagement level.

Top 7 phone number lookup services to find contact information online

Now let’s look at the top 7 online phone number lookup services that you can use to find contact information of the prospects.

#1. TrueCaller


G2 – 4.4/5
Capterra – 4.5/5 

Pricing: Starts at $5/month (Offers a free plan with limited features)

Truecaller for reverse phone number lookup services

TrueCaller is popular reverse phone number lookup tool that is mainly popular among android and IOS users. Its widely popular for its comprehensive suite of features  that help users identify unknown callers. 

It reveals the caller’s name and other relevant details, even if the number isn’t saved in your contacts. Additionally, TrueCaller detects spam or fraudulent calls and integrates seamlessly with messaging apps like WhatsApp. 

It’s a valuable tool for sales reps seeking accurate contact information for effective prospecting. 


#2. Intelius


G2 – 5/5
Capterra – N/A

Pricing:  $34/month

Intelius phone number lookup tool

Intelius is a US-based public records company that offers a comprehensive suite of information services. 

Their standout feature is the reverse phone lookup service, which allows users to identify phone number owners. 

Beyond basic details like phone type and carrier, Intelius provides additional context, including address history and known relatives. Additionally, they offer background checks, criminal records, and related services. 

Overall, Intelius serves as a practical resource for uncovering information associated with phone numbers and individuals.


#3. Datagma


G2 – 5/5
Capterra – 4/5

Pricing: Starts at $32/month (Offers a lifetime free plan)

Datagma is a B2B lead finder tool that specializes in finding verified email addresses and mobile phone numbers. 

Their standout feature is the direct mobile phone number lookup, which provides unlimited CSV file enhancement with accurate data. Additionally, Datagma extracts up to 2500 LinkedIn profiles daily and verifies numbers through WhatsApp. 

Also, they offer real-time alerts for job changes, keeping your CRM contct information fresh and updated.. For efficient and reliable contact details, give Datagma a try!


#4. Whitepages


G2 – 5/5
Capterra – N/A

Pricing: Starts at $6/month

Whitepages for looking up contact information online

Whitepages lets you search for landline phone numbers tied to names, ideal for finding friends or local businesses in public directories. 

While helpful, it might not have mobile numbers and accuracy can be inconsistent, especially for unlisted information. 

Consider it a starting point for your search when you are trying to opt for free tools. 


#5. Lusha


G2 – 4.3/5
Capterra – 4/5

Pricing: Starts at $36/month (offers a free plan with limited searches)

Lusha email contact database

Lusha is widely regarded as one of the best B2B lead finder tools. It also works as a phone number lookup tool. 

You can find crucial prospect information such as phone numbers, company information (e.g., location, headquarters, employee count), email addresses, designation details of the prospects and a lot more.

Lusha allows you to find prospect information by setting your pre-determined search criteria such as job title, industry, revenue range, location etc. making your lookup process targeted and niche.

Overall, it’s a good tool to find phone numbers of your prospects along with other crucial information for running outbound campaigns.


#6. NumLooker


G2 – N/A
Capterra – N/A

Pricing: Free

NumLooker is a popular reverse phone number lookup tool for checking information of the prospects based in US.

By visiting their website and entering a phone number in the search bar, you can access publicly available information about the caller. This includes details like the caller’s full name, social media accounts, financial records, location, and more. Also, you can review the returned results, and download a comprehensive report.

Overall, it’s a great tool to check quickly about your prospects based in the US. 


#7. Cocofinder


G2 – N/A
Capterra – N/A

Pricing: Free

CocoFinder is an online reverse phone lookup service that provides various information about phone numbers. It reveals the identity of the person who owns a phone number, along with their full name and current residential address. 

The tool also displays alternate phone numbers, acquaintances, email addresses, and related social media profiles. 

CocoFinder uses publicly available information to build its database, ensuring accurate results. 

In summary, CocoFinder’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive database make it a practical choice for verifying callers’ identities or investigating unknown numbers. 

How does a phone number lookup tool work?

Phone number lookup services operate through a systematic process that access vast databases containing information related to phone numbers. 

While there are too many things happening in the background of these services, here’s a brief and simplified overview of how it works:

Step 1) Data Aggregation

These services collect data from various sources, including public records, social media profiles, business directories, and telecommunications providers. The goal is to create a comprehensive repository of phone number-related information.

Step 2) User Input

When a user enters a phone number into the lookup service, it initiates a search. The service queries its database to retrieve relevant details associated with that number.

Step 3) Reverse Lookup Algorithms

The core of these services lies in their reverse lookup algorithms. These algorithms match the input phone number against stored records to find a match. The algorithms consider factors such as area codes, country codes, and formatting variations to ensure accurate results.

Step 4) Data Retrieval

Once a match is found, the service retrieves relevant information. This includes:

  • Owner’s Name: The registered owner of the phone number.
  • Address: The physical location associated with the number.
  • Additional Numbers: Any other phone numbers linked to the same person or business.
  • Geolocation: The approximate location where the number is registered.
  • Carrier Information: The telecom provider associated with the number.
  • Call History: Details about recent calls made or received.
  • Spam Indicators: Flags for potential spam or fraudulent numbers.

Step 5) Privacy Considerations

Phone number lookup services balance data availability with privacy concerns. Some services restrict access to sensitive information, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

You will  typically receive aggregated data rather than raw details to protect individual privacy.

Should you use a free phone number lookup service for sales?

While I have mentioned some free phone number lookup tools in the previous section, the question still remains “should you use it?”. 

The answer depends on your particular use case. 

If you are a sales professional trying to look up prospect information using these tools, try to avoid the free ones.

These phone number lookup services often lack data accuracy due to reliance on outdated public data, which can be ineffective for lead generation

Also, there’s privacy concern as some free lookup services may collect and sell user data, potentially compromising client confidentiality. 

These tools  are best suited for individuals with occasional, non-critical lookup needs, such as verifying unknown callers or reconnecting with old acquaintances. 

Sales teams seeking reliable and detailed information should consider paid alternatives that offer more accurate and updated data, advanced features, and better data protection., is an AI-enabled sales engagement platform that provides a lead finder tool as a paid alternative solution for finding prospects’ phone numbers for outbound calling.

SmartReach Lead Finder: best way to find phone numbers of prospects online

Inside, by filling up your search criteria you get detailed pre-qualified prospect information such as phone numbers, email addresses, company information, designation details, location details to build your targeted email list for outbound. 

The best part is you can directly enrich this data to your email, calling or LinkedIn campaign easily without the need of Zapier or any other sales enablement tool.

So, effectively manages your enrichment process + outbound process within a single platform at the cost of 1 tool.

To know more, you can 👉 try a 14-day FREE trial to test the tool and see if it matches your use-case. (No Credit Card required). 

Is it legal to use phone number lookup tools?

The legality of using phone number lookup tools generally depends on your intention and how you use the information obtained. 

In most countries, including the United States, it’s legal to use these tools for personal or business purposes, such as verifying unknown callers or conducting due diligence. 

However, the legal landscape becomes murky when the information is used for harassment, stalking, or other malicious activities. 

It’s crucial to understand that while accessing publicly available information is typically legal, how you use that information can cross legal boundaries. 

Some countries (EU countries) have stricter privacy laws that may limit the use of such tools or require consent from the individual whose information is being sought. 

It’s also worth noting that using these tools to bypass do-not-call lists or for telemarketing purposes without consent can violate telecommunications laws

To ensure compliance, always check local regulations, use the information responsibly, and respect individual privacy rights. 

When in doubt, especially for business or legal matters, consult with a legal professional to understand the specific laws applicable to your situation and intended use of the lookup tool.

Final thoughts

Phone number lookup services are quite valuable tools when used responsibly and ethically. While they offer convenience in verifying unknown callers or reconnecting with contacts, it’s crucial to balance their utility with privacy considerations. 

Choose reputable services, preferably paid options for sales/lead generation needs, and always comply with local laws and regulations such as CCPA. GDPR, Can-SPAM, Telemarketing laws etc. 

The information you obtain should be used judiciously and verified through multiple sources whenever possible.

Ultimately, these tools are meant to enhance personal and professional communication, not to infringe on others’ privacy or engage in harmful activities.

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