OnRamp Data

Learn how OnRamp Data landed a $10,000 project for a client within a month, by using SmartReach.io

Emmett Armstrong
: Founder, OnRamp Data

After our initial onboarding with the client, SmartReach is the engine that keeps our clients happy. It is so easy to use and lets us do things very efficiently.

What is OnRamp Data? What does it do and where is it located?

Hi, my name is Emmett Armstrong, Founder of OnRamp Data. OnRamp Data is a marketing agency that provides lead generation and email marketing services. We’re located in southern Oregon, and we usually have about 10 clients at any time. OnRamp works with the sales reps of our clients to create awareness and generate leads using email marketing.

We use SmartReach.io to scale up the sales efforts of our clients so that they can connect with more opportunities and sell their services to more brands and more agencies than they would without OnRamp and without SmartReach.

What is the nature of your clients’ business and where are they located?

We work with premium design studios, mostly ones that sell their services to large brands (over $100M), large advertising agencies, or even broadcast networks. They do very high quality design work; motion graphics, vfx & live action production. Most of them are in New York or Los Angeles, however we have also worked with design companies that are in Portugal, Brazil, and Canada.

What do your clients expect from you?

Our clients are expecting an increase of leads in their sales pipeline. One of the main problems that our clients face is that when they have a project to work on, it takes their whole staff to complete the project and they don't have anybody working on sales.When they finish their project, they suddenly have nothing coming next, and they will run out of money if they don't generate more leads very quickly.

So what we do is provide continuous lead generation and sales support so that they don't have to worry about selling as they're trying to produce the project.

OnRamp clients can expect 8-10 warm leads per month; and with the leads that we generate for them, our clients don’t have to worry about trying to be selling and producing at the same time.

Could you tell us about any of your clients and how you generated more leads for them ?

We worked with a company in Denver, Colorado called Spillt. We signed them up for the OnRamp service and I worked with them to write a sales script - a three-part email follow-up sequence that we were able to deploy using SmartReach.

And within the first month they received a strong response from a biotechnology company called Amgen, and they landed a $10,000 design project. All within a month of starting with OnRamp and SmartReach.io!

Where do you get your lists of potential leads ?

We have built a database of our own over time that has many names of interested buyers at brands, ad agencies and broadcast networks. Sometimes the clients provide their own lists, but for the most part we select the targets and the opportunities, and then use SmartReach to reach out to those people.

How does SmartReach help you manage your clients’ lead generation efforts ?

After our initial onboarding with the client, SmartReach is the engine that keeps our clients happy. It is so easy to use and lets us do things very efficiently.

One of the biggest efficiency improvements for me was the ease of creating reports for our clients. I have used tools in the past, like YesWare, that made me download every email campaign individually. It was cumbersome and the data was very confusing at times.

With SmartReach’s Agency Plan, I can see all of my clients' data very easily and download it in a format that works for my clients and for myself. It saves me hours every time I need to generate a client report.

Is there anything you would like our team to focus on?

Keep up the excellent customer support! Here’s an example: When I asked for greater control in the message editor, like, the ability to insert images and to change the text with a rich text editor, your team accomplished that within a week! I was very impressed.

My requests have been amazingly completed very quickly and the tool has become so excellent to use because of your team's hard work. That is definitely my main motivation to use SmartReach over any other tool, because your team improves things so regularly, and you're always open to more feedback! Thank you Smartreach team!

Anything additional you are looking for?

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