Lead generation agencies improve the output of Sales Reps and manage more clients

Generate qualified leads, build your sales pipeline and book more sales meetings for your clients with SmartReach sales engagement platform

Ben Sullivan
Founder, RemoteForce
“In late 2018, I made a decision to test SmartReach.io and so we started out with one account and we kind of grew slowly. We found it really good. We made a decision that we would migrate all of our 35 clients that we have. We're continuing to use smartreach.io, and if we get any new client, we would put them straight onto your platform.


Run outreach campaigns via multiple channels to increase the chances of getting responses

Automate multichannel outreach sequences via Linkedin, Whatsapp, email, and SMS with our sales engagement software

Engage with prospects on Linkedin via profile views, send connect requests, send messages and/or Inmail

Task manager designed to eliminate distractions to enable completion of daily sales engagement tasks in minutes

Run multiple channels in one sequence or separately based on the client's strategy

Team switch

Switch between multiple client accounts, effortlessly

Switch between multiple client accounts seamlessly without having to log-in / log-out every time

Get an overview of all your client accounts, know how each client account is doing, and which ones need more attention

Each client's data stays independent and safe

Email automation

Sales engagement platform to automate B2B lead generation for cold email outreach

Automates and schedules your email & follow-ups. Designed to boost reply rates. You cannot send promotional or bulk emails

Personalize your emails at scale with Dynamic Email Content

Make every email dynamic using Spintax

Advanced reply detection saves from sending embarrassing automated follow ups

Run A/B tests to learn which subject lines / email content get better outcomes

Email deliverability

Make it to the primary inbox and boost reply rates

Suite of tools to help you maximize your email deliverability and better reply rates:

SmartReach validates all prospects’ emails before sending to avoid email bounces

Email warmup to ensure your emails are frequently opened and replied to constantly maintain a good sending reputation

Run free Spam Tests to check if your emails are configured correctly

Got a new email account ? Start campaigns with Soft-Start to slowly increase the number of emails you send, so as to build your email and domain reputation

Auto pause emails to prospects if there are missing values for the merge-tags

Roles and permissions

Sales engagement platform to guide your agency to success

Invite team members to manage client accounts.

Configure the right level of access to features / data for team members based on:

  • their role, and
  • the clients they are assigned to.

Track your team's performance over time, identify what's working, and scale up on winning B2B lead generation strategies


Get actionable insights to generate more sales-qualified leads

Create the best lead generation strategies from detailed reports on campaigns, templates used, the best time to send, and prospect lists

Download and share reports with clients, or simply add them as team members (without any extra cost) to view their campaigns

Agency sales leaders get a one-glance overview of multiple client performance


Boost your team's productivity & collaboration with Shared Team Inbox

Send replies to your prospects directly from SmartReach’s inbox, without needing to log-in / log-out of multiple client inboxes

Manage sales cycles & review conversations with prospects

Separate categorization of prospect & non-prospect email responses

Complete context while replying to prospects, tailor-made for lead generation

Faster responses to sales inquiries help reduce your sales cycle

Reply sentiment analysis give you the health of our sales pipeline


Customise SmartReach to fit your agency lead generation playbook

Create custom Prospect Columns, and use them as variables (merge-tags) to personalize your emails

Create custom Prospect Categories to track the stage of each prospect, and to keep the prospect stages in sync with your CRM

Use Triggers and Webhooks to automate tasks within SmartReach, and with other tools like CRMs

Create custom workflows for each client depending on their requirement and the CRM they use


Integrate SmartReach with your essential business software

Connect with over 1000+ third-party software via our Zapier integration

Integrate with your internal lead generation tools with our powerful API, Triggers, and Webhooks

Use our native integrations to sync your data with HubSpot, Pipedrive, & Zoho CRM

Sync activity/prospect categories in SmartReach.io with lead statuses in your CRM

Use third-party integrations with appointment scheduling tools like Calendly etc

Security and Compliance

SOC-2 Type 2 Certified - Best-in-class security controls

Maintains the highest levels of security, confidentiality and availability

Utilizing SSL/HTTPS for all network traffic

Regularly run security tests to detect & address vulnerabilities

Database changes are immediately shipped off-site via the 'write-ahead-log'

Unbeatable Price for Agencies

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