Land in Prospects Primary Inbox. Email deliverability features to boost your reply rates

Campaign Soft-Start

Build up IP, Domain and Email reputation for better deliverability

Soft-Start campaigns for the number of days you want and also set the number of emails you want to send per day.

Spam tests

Spam Tests to help you identify and fix problems in your emails before sending emails

Spam Test Reports help you check problems with email authentications like SPF, DKIM, DMarc and also help you in fixing them.

  • Checks for URL shorteners, or broken links to help you with phishing compliance level for your emails.
  • Check your IP addresses and domain names against common blacklists, and get notified if any of them could affect delivery.
  • Checks if your email is properly formatted.

Email validation

Email validation / List cleaning to reduce email bounces and help maintain reputation sends emails only to prospects whose emails are validated by it. It does Email Validation for all the prospects that you send to at no additional cost, to reduce email bounces and thereby helping with your sending reputation.

Missing merge-tags

Missing merge-tag check to prevent you from sending embarrassing emails

If you include merge tags to personalise your emails, stops sending emails to prospects upon detecting a missing merge-tag there by saving you from sending embarrasing emails.

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