Send personalized emails and and automate follow-ups, and book more sales meetings

View and manage campaigns with ease

Email Automation -

Email Deliverability

Deliver emails to the prospect's primary inbox with multiple built-in features like email validation, spam tests, inbox rotation and email warmup. Make every email different using Spintax.

Send personalised cold emails and schedule follow-ups

Schedule your cold email outreach & follow-ups automatically with multiple campaign settings to deliver emails as per your prospect's timezone, customisation of unsubscribe links and more.

Account-based Sales

Run Account-Based Sales to target multiple stakeholders in an enterprise. Set limits on emails sent to a domain, and auto-pause campaigns when anyone from the same Account or email domain responds.

Email sequencing

Advanced email sequencing upon no-reply

Inbox rotation: Send from multiple email accounts from a same campaign to boost sending volumes & reduce campaign duplication

Auto pause campaigns: SmartReach tracks your email for replies or meetings booked via the calendar app and auto-pauses any follow-ups emails

Direct reply detection: SmartReach knows when a message comes back directly from the same email that was sent originally.

Indirect reply detection: SmartReach detects message replies that come back from the same person, but a different email address - including domain.

Manual replies from you: If you or your team members reach out manually to a prospect, SmartReach detects those and pauses all running campaigns for the prospect.

Sending Holiday Calendar: Create an exception(s) list of days for which you do not want to send campaign emails. It is applied based on the prospects time zone or on the fallback timezone

Email deliverability

Get more emails delivered to your prospect's inbox

Gradually pace campaigns using Soft Start to build IP, domain and email reputation

Inbox rotation distributes sending volumes across multiple email accounts

Run spam test for free to identify or fix email authentication or email setup issues

Built-in email verification of prospect emails before sending at no extra cost

Auto-pause campaigns for specific prospects on detection of missing merge-tags

Warmup emails using WarmupHero to constantly improve your email sending and domain reputation

AI-Powered Communication

Create AI driven cold emails to boost engagement

Write contextual email with AI by giving audience and styling commands

Effortlessly write & share cold emails using AI

AI-generated subject lines to boost email open rates

Improve engagement with AI to rephrases sentences & suggest content

Personal emails

Send from your email account

Integrate your email account to SmartReach in a few simple steps. You can also choose different email accounts for sending emails and receiving replies. SmartReach integrates with all email servers such as Google Workspace, Outlook, Zoho, Microsoft Exchange, Mailgun, Amazon SES, NameCheap and others.

Hyper personalise

Don’t just personalise, hyper personalise your emails with Dynamic Email Content

Merge tags allow you to dynamically add content to your email. But with's Dynamic Email Content you can include conditional statements which can help you hyper personalise your emails.

A/B testing

A/B test your email campaigns

A/B test multiple subject lines or email content to understand which gets you better opens rates and which calls to action get better responses.

Make content iterations to your email sequence based on data. Learn more.

View progress

Peek into the progress of each campaign at a glance

Which campaigns are running out of prospects ?

Which campaigns have high email error rates ?

The visual progress bar quickly gives you an idea about these and other similar questions.

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