Email Automation tool & its role in winning sales strategy

As a marketer, business owner, or sales representative, you’d like to stay connected with your existing as well as potential customers. Email automation is a powerful marketing automation tool that lets you send the right email messages to the right people, at the right time.

Using predefined schedules, workflows, and follow-up series, email automation is extremely effective in lead nurturing and even driving sales from prospects as well as existing customers.

What is email automation?

An email automation is a series of emails that are sent automatically, triggered by the actions of recipients. This is different from the approach of sending email blasts or email broadcasts that are sent manually to your prospects. Several such software programs can help you in your quest to ensure sales optimization and effective conversion of potential prospects.

When one refers to a salesperson, one of the biggest pain points of sales is manually sending cold emails, the process is mind-numbingly boring and it drains away a lot of your time which could be better spent on building relationships with soft start prospects.

Executing cold outreach manually, therefore, leads to low productivity, decreased Sales, and the possibility of not meeting revenue targets. The possible solution to this problem is utilizing an effective email automation tool that automates your cold email outreach and manual email sequences leaving you with more time to focus on the conversion/closure of potential leads.

However, it is extremely vital that you choose the right tool, as choosing an ineffective tool could lead to making your sales process more complicated rather than smooth and easy. An effective email automation tool will offer you various features to help you create a robust sales strategy. Some of those features that it could offer are as follows:

Features provided by email automation tools

  • Unlimited sending email accounts
  • Unlimited sequences & campaigns
  • Inbox Rotation
  • Spintax
  • Email Verification
  • Inbox Placement
  • ESP Matching
  • Spam Test
  • Smart Reply Detection
  • Auto-pause on blacklist detection
  • Personalisation at scale
  • Email warmup
  • AI Content Generator
  • Lead finder
  • Team Reports
  • CRM Integration
  • Import from CSV/ Google Sheets/CRM
  • Open and Click Rates
  • Auto Reply and Bounce Detection
  • A/B Testing
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Workflow Governance
  • Customize Unsubscribe List and many more other features

At we offer all the above-mentioned features ensuring that you are always one step ahead when you create a winning sales strategy. When it comes to creating effective and winning sales strategies using email automation tools one can plan their strategy keeping in mind the following points:

  •     Ensure you optimize your email messages for a mobile experience –  If your email messages are not optimized for mobile, people will not engage with them. That reduces your chances of converting prospects into customers.
  •     Segment your subscribers/clientele – Segmenting your email lists helps you to get better open and click rates. It helps you to personalize the content and also helps the subscriber to read what actually he is interested in reading rather than reading something that is of no relevance to him. Even the rates of mail bounce, subscription, or getting unsubscribed reduce when one can effectively segment their prospects lists.
  •     Personalize your emails:- Personalizing your emails will increase engagement, it will make your emails more relevant and useful to your prospects. Personalizing emails helps you to reduce the number of unsubscribes, higher sales, increase customer retention and strengthen your customer relationship. 
  •     Structure Your Email:- Subject Line, Greeting, Intro/Purpose, Detail, Call To Action (CTA), Closing. Before automating your email marketing campaign, it is very important to ensure that you have an effective email structure in place.
  •     Proper Follow-up System:- Email follow-up is one of the most important processes in cold email automation strategy. With an email automation tool, you can create a follow-up system to make your email marketing campaigns more effective.
  •     Measure Your Efforts:- Most email automation tools will give you comprehensive reports on email-related metrics like opens, clicks, etc. It is very important to have a proper reporting system in place that will help you understand the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.
  •     Many other strategies that can be used to make your cold email marketing campaign effective such as Giveaways or Exclusive Content to prospects, make the email invite more welcoming, use of cold email templates, integrating email and social media handles, analysis of the sales campaign, and it’s effectiveness, etc.

Summing up email automation tools

Thus one can easily say that email automation tools surely help in creating a winning sales strategy and also to effectively convert cold prospects into high revenue-generating clients.

At we aim to provide the best email automation experience to our users. SmartReach offers an ultimate marketing automation experience, a simple workflow, robust reports and analysis, CRM integrations, and the most competitive pricing.

SmartReach will help you streamline your sales processes, reduce manual output, time as well as costs. It will help you convert your prospects into clients and existing customers into loyal ones.

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